Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Late night peep show

This is gonna have to be a short one. Its already half twelve and i have work in the morning. It's been a while so i thought I'd make an effort. Whats new with you lot? I went football on yesterday- well, technically two days ago, and all was well, same old, same old, though the air con was off and we were playing indoors. On a hot day. Not cool. Oh and to top it off, i had a burly big man kick the football with all his strength towards me while I was in goal. Fortunately, my face got in the way...

It was so bad, the game stopped and even people on his team, not only him, came up to me to apologise. Man, it hurt. But nothing compared to how bad it hurt the following morning. I had to ibuprofen my ass up and take the day off work. My nose has swollen. MY nose. Yeah, and it was a big one to start with. Boy, it's so big I'm getting back ache...

On the plus side, I got out of goal...

Aside from insulting myself though, the main reason i decided to write today was to pose you all a question. I have a mate who's been insane about his ex for, what, a year now and has been pining over her madly. Insanely, the week he finally mans up and gets eyes for someone new, out of the BLUE she texts him and asks how he is. A few texts later and he's head over heels about her, almost completely discarding the new girl he fancied. She- the ex- broke up with him for another dude. As far as he was aware, she was still with him. Or possibly not. Who knows?

Which is why he should, in my opinion, ask her if she's with anyone. Given he has feelings for her.

Unfortunately, it turns out she's not with her ex anymore. This is unfortunate because now, there's no brick wall to stop him coveting her. If she was with someone, it would be unethical of him to be sneaking around behind some dudes back talking to his girlfriend. Especially since he's been burnt by her sneaking around behind his back, you'd think he'd appreciate how much that sucks. But Now he has a cart blanche to dream away his ikkle love dreams. Which sucks because, come on... Wheres the me time?

She only recently broke up with her last boy buddy so to me he seems to be the dependable rebound texting buddy who's either a form of gratification for her, or just a temporary replacement for the conversations she's accustomed to having with her ex but he's simply getting his hopes up for nothing. And when it all come a crashin down- when she finds her feet with her next man, the consistency of her texts to him will reduce and then I'll be having to hear his bewildered moaning incessantly.

Am i wrong? Is it alright for him to get so excited? Should i just help the dude out whatever he decides?

Ahhhhh, what do you peeps know? You're on a bloody blog called looserballs for flips sake.

And now, as it turns to one, i should call it a night.


  1. Mohammed Hossain21 July 2010 at 08:24

    Tell him to tell her straight that he loves her and wants her back...

    Or you tell her for him???

    PS. Remember those days when you used to reply to comments?

  2. Yeah, but now I'd just reply in the next post.

    He COULD tell her he loves her, it would cut the whole thing short when she says NO! But he won't. Because I know that he knows that she doesn't want him and deep down, I reckon he likes the attention as much as her.