Sunday, 16 May 2010

4 Lions

I don't think I'm going on Holiday...
BA are striking and now the ash cloud is back.
Damn ash cloud. I'm in awe of you, yet I'm so fracking annoyed at you too.

I'm ill. =( Sore, sore throat, which I think I've exasperated by loads and loads of sheesha. It's a really filthy habit. I'm worried it might give me cancer later in life. Which is totally messed up...

But to be fair, I'm not all that hyped about going to Turkey as it is. We're going to like... a family holiday place. Where I'm going to be "admiring" things...

Actually, I lie, it would be cool to see all the old buildings. But I feel the appeal would wear off once I've seen them once. And how many interesting buildings CAN there be??

I hope one of those interesting buildings has sheesha in it...

Hmmmm... Suddenly the idea of Turkey doesn't seem that bad...

Better than a Conservative facking Britain. How lame, right?

And bloody Nick Clegg. I'm so shocked he'd agree to the coalition deal. Also, right... They want to raise the retirement age! To 66!!!! Which is shit.
I'm not intending to work till I'm 66. It's okay for MPs who have awesome salaries and great pension schemes. Actually, my pension at local government isn't too bad...

Have you lot heard of a film called 4 lions? It's a comedy about Suicide Bombers. I want to watch it. So bad. My brother in law saw it and said it was hilarious. It's showing in Stratford cinema so woohoo!

Any takers? Of course not. You're probably a little offended I'd mention it.

Loosen up.

And watch this trailer:

Teeheee heeee!!!

Anyway! I'm out, my throats a-hurtin' so I'm blurtin'!


  1. Mr. Fiesta-tastic16 May 2010 at 22:26

    I gots to watch that film man!

    I guess its business back to normal on LooserBalls?

  2. Haha that film looks awesome, plus, that guys hot! Soooo gonna watch it! Thanx for that :D