Friday, 7 May 2010

Who stuck around for the Ending of Iron Man 2 After the Credits?!

So, with this blog, I seem to have got quite a small, quite a familiar audience, people I know, people I'm COMFORTABLE enough with, that I can talk about relatively mundane, ordinary day to day things.

Like Kheer.
Like... Afters in Leyton.
Like... Needing to go to the loo.
Like... Practically everything in day to day life.

But then, SOMETIMES- and by sometimes I mean with regards to my last blog post, I write an AWESOME title. A title inspired by a slogan I saw someone carrying around at Nick Cleggs last speech before the elections. A banner that read:

Nick Clegg You Gorgeous Bastard.

But, you see... I must not have been the only person who saw that banner. Oh no. But unlike the... let me count, one second...

Unlike the TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY SIX(!!!!) people who typed it into google to SEARCH for it and came across my blog...

I decided to use the phrase to write a blog post.

So invariably, so TWO HUNDRED!!!!! AND FORTY SIX PEOPLE!!!
Just sent my page load reading off the goddamn chart.

Bloody hell.

In comparison, my bar chart result for the day before looks like The BNP's total votes in Birmingham...

But yes, as it stands, I really shouldn't use AWESOME titles that are going to attract certain people to read my blog and then say very little regarding the topic of the title itself.

That can only lead to confusion, annoyance and embarrassment.

Now... What should I call THIS blog post??


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  1. Mr. Fiesta-tastic7 May 2010 at 14:30

    Sorry, no mention of the fairies performance in the election? The idea of a hung Parliament?

    One bit of advice:

    Stop hanging around for the Lib Dems to come into power before you decide to go to University.