Saturday, 1 May 2010

I don't care what the weatherman says

Because it's FLIPPING RAINING! What difference does it make if he SAYS ANYTHING!! GRRRR!!

I have kid's running around my house. It's annoying. They keep going Meow thinking they can trick soomie into thinking they're cats too.

They aren't the brightest little crayons in the pack..

The plus side of guests- the ample quantities of fried food! Samosas and Pakoras watch out!!

In response to Anonymous- Blogger lets me post blogs on a Mac but can't let me post comments on my own blog. I dunno... Safari is weird.
Anyway, in response to you, with your comment in my last post; Yes Gordon Brown MAY be cuddly and cute and like a grandpa, but those aren't qualifiers for him to reign over us as prime minister. Those are qualifiers for him to shout and for no one to listen. And for us to put him in a home when we've had enough of him. NOT 10 downing Street! I think Santa's cute and I'd want him as my Grandad but, as my Prime Minister? He'd use our national wealth to buy us all Action Man/My little Pony dolls.

Which is probably a damn lot better than whatever Gordon Brown's been doing with our monies.

PLEASE vote for the lib dems people. Don't let the Tories get into power.

This isn't going to be a particularaly long post. I was out til 3 yesterday and Had to be at work for 8.45. So right now my eyes are fluctuating between half-moon and fully closed.

I actually fell asleep RIGHT there. Okay, I'll call it a day on this one. I'm gonna have a nap and then install some windows seven on my big mama of a desktop..

Facebook stats for the elcetions. Things are looking good!!

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  1. Mr. Fiesta-tastic3 May 2010 at 12:25

    Since when did Facebook polls become an accepted as a valid form of a poll compared to Ipsos MORI or YouGov?

    Nick Griffin for Barking MP!!! (Not my constituency by the way)