Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Nick Clegg You Gorgeous Bastard!

I went to Afters in Leyton last night. After doing Sheesha and getting a call from my dad in front of all my friends asking: Usman, if you do sheesha, do you think you're going to begin smoking for real? Don't you know it's bad for you? You DO know you're practically smoking right?

And my friends bust have simply seen me saying, "No, it's alright. No I won't. No, I won't start that. I'll stop soon. Sorry, I'll be home soon. Bye!"

Uuber uncool. Fortunately there is some plan of moving back out in the pipe work.

Though rather strangely my dad asked if I'd be interested in working with him to buy a property..... Which threw a massive curve ball into my plans. And would be awesome.
But as it stands, while I'm waiting to see how that pans out, I'm living in the here and now. On a ridiculous level. Spending like a twat saving like a civv.

A large portion of that spending goes towards Afters in Leyton. Because a) They're convenient and do decent cakes. b) because there is a hot waitress there. More because of B since their cakes aren't THAT good. In fact, they're not good. But don't tell her I said that. And don't tell her about this blog. Lame.

Anyway, I got my mum some Kulfi from there last night and I went next door to Ambala and got her some Kheer too. Kheer is an indian desert. It's creamy and sweet with weird nut things in it. She just got her latest round of results from the hospital back and it was all clear so this was just a little present.

Obviously, I decide to give her stuff that's really unhealthy in a scenario where I'm congratulating her on her good health. Turns out me mamma didn't want the kheer but liked the ice cream. My dad, seeing how I left all the stuff on the living room table decided to pop everything in the Freezer.

Kheer is not meant to be frozen.

So now, I'm tucking into a whole new brand of ice cream. Kheer-cream. And it's not so bad. In fact, it's quite nice.

Yeah, all that back story, all that explanation of getting stuff and going afters- practically EVERYthing written beforehand was just to build up to say I'm eating frozen Kheer. Nice.

So vote Lib Dems tomorrow please. PLEASE! Vote for change, vote for fairness, vote for who you think deserves to win and who you think could REALLY change this country for the better.

Or failing that, just vote lib dems anyway.

I came across a blog just now, that appears to be written by my sister. How strange is it that there are THREE bloggers in my family? Very. I seem to be the only one with a regular influx of visitors though. Thank you random people from king's college who visit my site. Or people who I have pestered to visit for ages and ages. And you Babor, for always reading what I have to write, even though it is predominantly spiel. Who am I kidding it's all spiel. But the kind of spiel that comes from the heart.

Much like the way Lib Dem want you to vote. From your heart.

Honestly though, we COULD be on the brink of a once in a generation outcome. And you could put your name down as one of the people who made it happen. We could however, also be on the precipice of a Conservative government. One thing is for sure, we're about to undergo a dramatic change in our Government. With all likelihood pointing towards a hung parliament, these coming years could really impact on how our country moves forward, the values we adopt and the issues we prioritize.

So vote for Lib Dem.

Because I agree with Nick Clegg.

Enough of the election smecktion stuff from me.

I've got training for some weird computer system they use in libraries tomorrow. Even though I don't really work in a library. BUT, it's a day off work so why not?

And the number of comments has gone down from like.... FIVE(!) to One. And it WAS an awesome comment.. No wait, let me try and think what you wrote Babor....

Probably something inflamitory and silly. Let's copy and paste.

Since when did Facebook polls become an accepted as a valid form of a poll compared to Ipsos MORI or YouGov?

Nick Griffin for Barking MP!!! (Not my constituency by the way)

Well, no, it wasn't awesome was it? You should stop saying you want the BNP to win, some people I don't know DO actually visit this blog you know.... Like that person from King's College... And like, this one other person who commented as anonymous recently. Those TWO people might think you're genuinely supporting the BNP. And s/he might go and support them too because of you.

It would ALL be your fault...

Actually, my sister's were leafleting for labour in Barking- the only real opposition for the BNP in that constituency so that's the ONLY reason it's cool to support Labour over the Lib Dem. ONLY in THAT borough. And while they were leafletting, they stumbled across none other than Nick Griffin! Remember that sly mother F?! Well, he's still alive and kicking black people. And spewing his evil on our streets. Our multicultural streets that have been shared equally among people from all nationalities and religions! He dares to tell us that the way we've been interacting with one another is wrong, telling us we aren't British enough for him... He can... well.. I've fizzled out of hate for him really. He's inconsequential to me. Unless his party wins a seat or two. Then I'm going to have to seriously reconsider what I think it means to be British.

Ah and the newspapers at work. I always come to work to find a conglomeration of tabloid newspapers spread across the desks of the staff room, each hailing David Cameron as our messiah and slating Gordon Brown/ Nick Clegg as loonies. As a way to reach out to the millions and millions of people who make up the tabloids' readership and OBViously visit my blog, here's a video.

Ah I love that song.... Thanks Mav.

What else happened recently? That volcanoes still at it. Crazy, right?

I want to be a film writer. I had a wicked idea for a film/tv show but I won't tell you because it's too good and you might try and steal the idea from me. It involves a cow. And a skinhead. And a pair of tweezers. And a pogo stick. And LOTS of sunflower oil...

Okay now I'm starting to think maybe eating that Kheer wasn't such a god idea, I gotta go to the loo. I'll leave it at that for tonight... *pukes*

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  1. Mr. Fiesta-tastic5 May 2010 at 23:49

    What did you write this post on? How come the font went small when you started explaining why I should not show that I support BNP?

    By the way, you explain what Kheer is but not what Kulfi is?