Thursday, 17 June 2010


Mcdonalds do a frequent coffee buyer card that comes attached to it's cardboard cups. You buy six coffees you collect the stickers on one of the cards and you get the seventh one free. I've never really collected them, i just hand the stickers over to my colleague who collects them religiously. I've come to realise that I'm not doing myself any favours by turning my nose up at the sticker scheme. You see, to my latest calculation based on my average consumption of coffee, ive missed out on roughly 7.5 billion free cups of coffee. Give or take. It's that hard to stay awake at work after a night out celebrating one of kris' birthdays.

Which are always a blast. Last time i had one, my mate passed out and had to have my assistance in order to, i hate to admit, change his clothes. They were covered in vomit. Of another person.

That's how you can tell you've had one hell of a night.

My iPad auto corrects hell for he'll. Which can be annoying.

Anyway, that year, my friend abdul tried putting his trousers on by pulling them over his head.
This was not conducive to his goal.

As you can imagine, taking his shoes off, what with the delicate task of untying shoe laces, didn't prove to be too easy.

Last nights party was good, no Abdul- sadly last years endeavour was a lesson to him. As for work the following day...

Funnily enough it was the day the people at work decided I could shadow some of the officers while doing some of the more difficult tasks. Something I'd been looking to do from day dot.

And here I am trying hard at 8.45 to stay awake and look all prim and proper, trying hard not to sway back and forth. And the dude i was meant to shadow didn't show.


Major suckage.

Suckage on a colossal scale. Mucho sucko.

Oh and when i get home, after two days of work seperated by 3 hours of sleep and 5 hours of partying, I realize I've left my house keys in my other trousers. So i whip out my phone to call someone since no ones answering the door. Turns out the families left london for the day. And night.

Long story short, i essentially had to break into my house. I've attempted this twice before and only today, in broad daylight for the first time and also, in a more sound state of mind, i actually managed to breK in. Oddly enough, two police officers walked right past me.

They were women though, so what can you expect?

It's slightly disconcerting how easily i managed to do it though.

Im currently reading bram stokers Dracula on my iPad. It's funny that i should read a chapter where they were discussing breaking into a house suspected to be owned by Dracula and van Helsing insists that they should do it during the daylight hours so as to remain as inconspicuous as possible. No one would expect it.

Also, on a note about Dracula. I love it. Such a fantastic method of narrative. And yet fully immersive for the reader. I feel at least.

Having seen a few film renditions of it, not enough is made of the character of dr Seward in my opinion. I understand that he's not got the most romantic and dizzyingly interesting role, but with regards to documenting the whole story, he's practically the spine of the whole story. If I were to write a screenplay based on the book I'd revolve it around the suitors of Mina and mainly on dr Seward. I find the Harkers' diary entries rather.... Drab. Save for Johnothan's first journal based in the castle of Dracula. That's amazing.

Ah, im in desperate need of sleep. My well concealed prejudices are shining through.

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  1. Mohammed Hossain18 June 2010 at 12:23

    So your degree that you are meant to start in September is on English Language and Literature?