Friday, 11 June 2010

Unproductive day at work

Well, here I am. At work. On a dank, cold, winter-like mid summer morning. I think it's raining. Oh shit, I left my muddy football boots in my garden. Poor things.
I haven't touched this thing in a while. I must say, most of you frequent readers visit this site even more than I have recently. I appologise for my lack of updating. I've just been knackered after work all week and either busy in some sheesha session till midnight or just collapsed in bed. I understand this just won't cut it but to make up for my leave I've begun writing this post at work. High risk of getting into trouble when I should be working. But I'm just juggling my prioroties. But is there actually much for me to write about?

All I do is work. And then as mentioned, sleep. I'm sure you appreciate that of late my views on the world will invariably revolve around blankets and matresses.

Just went on one of my tea breaks. There's something weird about how much more lenient this place is than O2. Is it the public/private sector divide? Is it that O2 was sufferring at the hands of the recession at that particular site? Is it just management styles? I doubt the latter since there were systems and processes in place from HR at O2 which implemented how we were governed so that was out of the control of my then manager. Whats more, the general attitude here, the ability to build up flexi time, the amount of annual leave as compared to that at o2, the working conditions, the uniform flexibility, the PAY! It's all vastly improved. When I joined and left o2 it was at a time where they were looking to make job cuts and it was evident that they made working conditions worse to make people voluntarily leave rather than have to pay them their redundancy package. But I walked past a shop the other day and things seem to have made such a big turn around that for the first time, they're actually accepting CVs in store. I don't understand what that's about.

So what else? Oh yeah, I made the move from out-door football to indoor football! Which is... Odd, I have to say.

And I made the move from Hot Choc to coffee.

But back to footie and indoor footie. I don't like indoor as much as I do outdoor but it's what the guys at work play and otherwise, I'm back to unpredictable games on random weekends with mates who drink more beer than actually play football.

Anyway, my guy at work is looking at this complaining about how long this has got. He finds it odd that people would visit a site to read. I explained to him that I was up last night reading Bram Stoker's Dracula. He looked perplexed.

But I take the hint that perhaps this isn't something I should be doing at work, especially given that I'm not writing anything of much interest. A note in general, you can tell a blog post isn't going to have much substance when the first line is regarding the weather.


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  1. Mohammed Hossain11 June 2010 at 23:52

    What is going on with you man!? When you were at O2 your posts were much better!