Thursday, 29 April 2010

My shortie.

I came home today from my adventurous day of shopping (and what a day it was) to check out my blog. An all-year high number of comments possibly!? Well, let's keep up the good work people-it's nice to get some two way stuff going here...

Ah, my day. Actually, on to that whole two way thing, here's a fun tool I'd like some of you to use and post up your results.

It's basically a tool which asks you a series of questions and based on your answers about a range of topics, will give you a synopsis of which way you sway politically. Try to be as honest as you can, please- after all, it's answers are only going to be as accurate as you are honest.
So here's the link:


And in the comment sections, just post your percentages. If you have five minutes to spare.
As for my results:
Liberal Democrats: 70%

Green Party: 65%

Labour Party: 59%

Conservative Party: 19%
I only selected these four as parties I would EVER consider voting for.
Now, to my day! It all began with a beam of light, bursting through the cracks of my blinds. What misery I was expecting to behold as the weather had been forecast to be dreary and woefull. But hark! Twas not a cloud in the sky, nay- the birds sang and the sun shone. Ever so brightly, my eyes did but yearn to be under my covers once more!
Ok enough with that olde English. So basically, nice day, was expecting crappy weather so suddenly, I felt annoyed that I agreed to help my dad with his house refurbishment plans- yes he's worked up some new sort of house work that needs doing. This time it's the roof. Although I'm too afraid to climb that high- I offer moral support and light refreshing banter from the foot of the ladder.
But today was too nice a day to be spent cooped up working. I decided to go out.
First stop- food for my dad. And at the shop the dude was playing an indian song on the radio.
Now, I'm not one for indian songs, I think they're rubbish generally but this one...
Perhaps it was the crackle on the radio that was so akin to the sound quality found in Pakistan, maybe it was the song itself, reminding me of the one indian film I've watched in ages, but whatever it was, just sent me RIGHT back into those mountain ranges if Kashmir, with the cassettes we'd listen to on our long road trips or journeys to the Dam. I really, REALLY missed Pakistan today.
And I've googled the song now. And the quality is too good. Doesn't sound as nostalgic.
So that was a nice sort of start to the day.
I decided to meet an old buddie for food but got into central london WAY too early. I spent loads of time in Tottenham Court Road. Went around all the computer shops. Decided I'd buy Windows 7. Never buy computer stuff form shops. Always buy online. You'll save abour 20% generally. From what I've found. So generally, the labels were showing that 7 was going to cost me 150 quid. Online in fact, the first site I've come across sells it for 89(ex VAT) pounds.
So maybe it was the burst of Pakistani culture I had earlier in the day, I decided, since all these places were going to try and rip me off, I'd barter with them and get the best price out of them. After bouncing between two of the lowest priced shops, I managed to get fifty quid knocked off and walked out of the shop with it for a hundred. =)
Really had loads of time ot kill.
And then.
And I've been struggling as to wether I should put this up here...
And then. I did the ultimate Evil.
You see, after the shopping excursion I took a break, went to a starbucks that's straight under the massive Center Point building there and had my frappe upstairs on the comfy sofas.
Went out of the shop, walked towards a furniture shop and noticed that quite a distance from me there was a little person. A dwarf? A Midget? I confuse the terms. I think one might be offensive. But nevermind the small details, I go ahead to do something far, far worse.
So me, being the nice person I am, decide, it's REALLY rude to stare, so don't do it. I look EVERYWHERE but at the small person. I notice that one or two of the people between myself and the dwarf are staring at him and I think, HAH! You rude people, come on, have some common decency...
I continue to look everywhere but at the small man. ON the road, at some shops, at the far distance.
Well, you see, when you're not looking at something or someone, there's a possibility you might- ESPECIALLY when this is regarding foreshortened people-well.... walk INTO them.
And you see... This kinda happened. Only.
Well, my reflexes are almost too fast for my own good because just in the nick of time I noticed there was the small person about to meet my crotch head first and well... I kinda...
I jumped over him...
I... Well... Yes.
And I appologised. But I've noticed that shorter people aren't very happy people. He kinda grumbled something and walked off..
I would like to take this oppertunity to appologise for my behaviour. I'm so so so sorry. I didn't mean to.
If any short people are reading this, I really didn't mean to offend him or you.
Anyway, I almost got coerced into buying a set of sunglasses from selfridges. Instead I decided not to and bought some trainers instead. And I stumbled into the nicest clothes store ever on Oxford circus. It's called Mash and I've NEVER been in it before. Sooooo many nice clothes. Awesome. I bought a tee shirt with a set of giant heaphones printed on it. Twas very nice.
Anyway, other than that, usual stuff, REALLY nice food at wagamama's and had a fun stroll through Selfridges with April!
That's enough humiliation in my blog post for one day. I'm out.
Enjoy the weather. HAH!


  1. Mr. Fiesta-tastic30 April 2010 at 08:48

    British National Party:

    Green Party:

    UK Independence Party:

    Liberal Democrats:

    Conservative Party:

    Labour Party:


    Go back to your country you Paki!!!

    Learn how to spell.

  2. You're a surprisingly hateful person...

  3. Labour Party: 60%
    Liberal Democrats:48%
    Conservative Party:40%

    I'm offened.

  4. That's HORRIBLE.
    That's yukky.
    That's better!!

  5. yukky? lol its not horrible its the truth. deal with it. brown is cute and old and i want him to be my granddad so im voting for him.