Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Body hair...

...It's God's cruel joke on the balding dude. Seriously, I have tonnes of the stuff everywhere I don't want it. But try to get my scalp to hang on to some of it... It's harder than watching Gordon Brown make a fool of himself on the telly without feeling a little bit bad for him.

Compounded by the fact that a dude who works with me, with what appears to be a more than ample head of hair came up to me recently and said, "Oh man, my hairs falling out, I'm gonna need to look up some hair-loss prevention shit".

And he says it with a straight face. While in MY company. Me, being a dude who practically has the golden arches on his forehead... Sheesh. I bring this up because I saw a dude on the street today who was incredibly bald but still decided to fight a losing battle and keep whatever hair he had left as long as he could. He looked rather silly. He was Asian of course. We revere hair for some reason. Once, while at O2, a woman went as far as seeing the hair on my arm and complimenting me for it. Saying it looked nice.

See it's times like that, when people make outlandish statements like either one of those above- i need to cure my absolutely unnoticeable balding/ I like your arm hair- that I get really on edge as to whether, these people are just playing a cruel trick on me. So I get straight into my overprotected mode and just be abrupt and polite.

Speaking of being polite, I'm a relatively well spoken person, I'm polite and tend not to use slang in a professional atmosphere. This served me well in O2 because the particular store I was in was in West London. I fitted in a little better with the clientele.

Now that I'm working in the East End of London. Deary me.

Deary, deary me. They're suspicious of me! They prefer it if I great them with, "Alright?" Or "aw-ryt" Or "Ello ello". Some, I'm sure would even appreciate the odd "Wattagwaanin?" Though I fear my pronunciation would be underwhelming and shambolic. It's a very nasal word. Say it to yourself; you'll see where I'm coming form...

Nasal, right?

And going RIGHT back to something I said at the start- Gordon Brown!? Sheesh, man! What a fool he made of himself today! If you haven't heard of it, you're a muppet. Or just not from England, possibly. Or just not that into politics. Well, basically, he had a talk with a woman, a general memeber of the public, walked away from her, got in his car and while a tape was recording his conversation with someone else (unbeknown to him) he said the interview was terrible and that the woman was a bigot!! And worse still, the woman was asked, immediately after his interview with her if she was to vote labour, and she said yes! And THEN they told her what he said about her in his car! OUCH! AND WORSE STILL!!! His reaction to listening to the secret recording was put on camera. Phwoar! Terrible, terrible day, Mr. Brown. I feel for him. But I'm annoyed at the fact that he's giving SO much ammunition to the Conservative Party.

And for those of you thinking of voting conservative, The Financial Times had an article out, either yesterday or the day before, telling of how the Tories are moving to get support from Nationalist Parties in the eventuality of a hung parliament....

I had a dude at work queuing up to see me and I could hear him tell his neighbor in the line how he was definitely going to be voting for the BNP...

But it is scary though, because I was coming home from work and got off at Stratford Station to see an anti-BNP rally by a few people. It was nice but I wanted to veer away from it because, well, I wanted to get home fast and not get distracted into talking to one of them. But then, as they were chanting that the BNP were racist, fascist and altogether, not nice people, a bunch of yobbish white men started shouting back at them, defending the BNP and insulting the rally-ers. Which was pretty messed up, given it's the area I practically live in. Not cool at all. So I had to show my support and signed the petition.

Vote Lib Dem people, PLEASE!

I bought a Barbie today. It's really nice, with loads of additional stuff that you can attach to it. While it's volumptious, one of the nice things is that it's still very sleek, elegant and stylish.

And it's a BBQ. Not a doll.

More from me, when I'm not quite so busy playing on my Xbox. Ciao.


  1. Leave Gordon alone. he's old and cute. She deserved it the silly bigot.

    Personally I always thought the hair on your legs were more attractive than the ones on your arms. lol

  2. P, if any kind of body hair was attractive to you...

    I like Gordon, in a sort of... Oafish, Lenny from Of mice and Men sort of way.

    I don't want conservatives to get into power and THIS is helping them!!!!!

    Vote Lib Dem.
    No uni fees for your third year, eh, eh..? Sounds good right?

  3. erm NO! that does not sound good in anyway. thats a very very bad move. free uni = losts and losts of cuts in funding and plus how are we suppose to compete with american unis that charge 50,000 or something silly like that.

  4. er i just posted a comment. where did it go?

  5. oh there it is. never mind.

  6. and don't be so vulgar!

  7. Since when was I vulgar!!!! :O

    And wait, you're trying to compete with American Uni's when saying losts and losts?!

    No, I think making tuition fee's a thing of the past is a fantastic idea. Why rake up so much debt on people who haven't even worked before?!

    I say that, even though I hate uni students for their lack of working experience and the reverance they're given when applying for jobs even though most graduates are retards.

    So even though I hate that they get such an easy ride, I still think that in order to provide them with more financial stability, they ought to scrap such high student fees...

  8. Mr. Fiesta-tastic30 April 2010 at 09:03

    There never used to be tuition fees before. Plus, those fees will be covered by the taxpayer. In addition, the no tuition fees policy will only be in effect for new students and not for those that are already studying. Regardless, if you want free uni then move to Scotland. The air is cleaner there.

    Instead vote for the BNP and get £50,000 to repatriate yourself!!! You can go back to Pakistan and listen to that song that you talk about later on in your blog which I read about before I read this post.

  9. Pakistan is nice in small doses!! And you're right about the no uni fees, except, what the lib dem propose is that they'll start with third year being free, so student's who are in their third term when they first come in office will have no tuition fees, then they'll move down to second years, and then first. Which I think is the fairest way to do it.