Saturday, 17 April 2010

Volcanic eruptions, aeronautical disruptions

What should I do? I have a one and a half day weekend... And I had to sleep in the afternoon today. Headache. Sucky.

But there's been plenty going on in the world isn't there?! Elections coming up; go Nick Clegg!! Lib Dem peeps, check them out, vote for them, make this a better country.
Ah, and the volcano! But I'll get back to that in a second.

The day after I bigged up o2 for being a good company...

Dear god. On my way home from work, after a long, long day, dealing with what COULD be regarded as the dregs of society. I get a text from O2.
Your bill is due. Which reminds me I need to set up my direct debit with o2 again.

Say wha?!

So instantly my mind goes back to the blog post I wrote and I got a little annoyed.

One quick phone call though, is all it took for it to be clarified and even rectified. £20 credit on my bill and the issue was resolved in one quick bus journey home.

Speaking on the BUS journey....

My local bike shop is stocking the CBR 125R. Dear god. Dear LORD! It is a work of ART! A little small but I'm still a little intimidated by bigger bikes as it is. So it's alright. And only £1,500.
I jizz a little each time I think of it.

So yeah, back to that Volcano. Flipping hell! The ash comes out hot as hell. goes up like 6km and becomes like tiny shards of glass. Which is why the dust is so harmful for airplanes.
I heard a helicopter today. Which got me wondering if the pilot was being a little naughty...
Sorry if my sentences are a little lackluster at the moment, I'm watching "Wonders of the solar system" on BBC 4. A program about the solar system. Yet it's started about a mosque in Tunisia. Apparently the fourth most holy site in Islam. I didn't know that. :/

...The stuff you learn....

But the program is pretty awesome so forgive me.
Tunisia looks nice this time of year...

Anyway, yeah, this program's taken too much of my intention... Take care of yourselves.
Go watch some educational telly.

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  1. Mr. Fiesta-tastic17 April 2010 at 22:10

    Education telly?

    Your first oxymoron (I think)