Thursday, 29 April 2010

CoD MW2.

Guys, you know what I'm talking about. Girls, it's the bane of all of your desires to keep your guys interested on the phone. Call of Duty. Modern Warfare. 2.


A little late, I know- it came out months and months ago, but I haven't even had my XBox at home for a while. So having recently snatched it back from a mate, I've gone a little crazy and spent half my pay on a gazzillion games. So far, I've clocked Batman- Arkham Asylum, quite understandably the Game of the Year. So amazing, it'll make you squeal with joy. Many times.


Probably not. Because I'm just a Batman geek. A Mucho Batman Geek. I know all there is to know about him. And yet, I still have game with the girls. It's insane.
I've actually met a comic book buddy at work who's totally into his Marvel. More than DC, which I personally prefere.

None of you know what I'm talking about, right?

Well, let's go right back to the beginning...

Actually, let's not, even I'm bored half to death with this comic talk already.
But seriously, modern warfare 2. Phwaor.

My sister's gone to visit my OTHER sister and she's left me with her mobile broadband USB thing. Yes people, STILL no BT line. Fuckers. I had a PROPER go at them on the phone, going from manager to manager to manager. I'm good at that. I ended up getting 3 months off my line rental. Which is alright. I think. But seriously, they've kept us waiting from Febuary. It's SO uncool.

So as it stands, no net at home, aside from this MobileBroadband thing. Which has a 3gb usage allowance. Since my sister's gone away, I've caught up with all the How I met your mother episodes I've missed these past 4 months- because we got rid of Virgin BEFORE we applied to BT- I've updated my blog, I've Facedbooked like a Facebook whore getting paid by the minute, and I've more or less killed off her 3GB allowance.


But FINE people from around the world! Fret not, I'll be getting home broadband soon (INSHA ALLAH!!!!!!!!!!) and then I'll be posting all sorts of strange happenings about comics and games and all manner of fun things for your liking.

Do you ever get this feeling (which I'm getting about now) that you just HAVE to shop. There's NOTHING I need in the world right now, I'm not getting my bike for another month at least, I'm SUPPOSED to be saving for a deposit for my next appartment- I don't actually WANT anything, but I NEEEEEED to shop! It's insane in the membrain!!

Maybe some shoes.

Or boots.

Or trainers.

Or a football.

Or shin pads.

Or football socks.

Or Jeans.

Or trousers.

Or a shirt.

Or a few Tees.

Or a tie.

Or some pie. (yes we're in to the rhyming section...)

An mp3 player.

A Boxset of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

A Bathrobe.

A Wardrobe.

Some RAM for my computer.

A Book to read on my journeys as a commuter.

Or maybe I should just go watch a film?


  1. 3 words! iron man 2! :-O

  2. Yes, I'm excited about Iron Man 2. And No I didn't watch it today because instead I went out to have a meal with someone. Who I couldn't convince to go watch Iron Man 2.
    Speaking of today- check out the latest post that should be up anytime soon. It'll blow your cotton socks RIGHT off.

  3. Mr. Fiesta-tastic30 April 2010 at 08:54

    Batman? Nice choice. Out of all of them he is the ONLY realistic superhero. Nothing unhuman about him.

  4. Except the fact that he's come back to life in the most recent Batman comics. But aside from that...

  5. I did eventually get around to watching the batman movies and i still prefer marvel. whats worse is im probably not gana be able to watch iron man 2 untill its out on dvd. :-(