Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Submit the damn thing, come on.

STILL no internet so forgive the infrequency with which this blog is updated. I try, I really do, but apparently they monitor our usage at work... I really, really hate BT. Enough to almost like Virgin. But... possibly not.

I got asked by a lady at work about all manner of phone related issues since she learned I used to work at o2. It was nice. Have I become indoctrinated by the O2 mantra of turning customers into fans and what not..? Am I an O2 fanboy now that I've worked for them? Possibly. I hated them while I worked for them, that's for sure. The higher ups, head office workers, smug in their white collar jobs and being in the company ranked in the top ten best places to work for in the UK. And then us. Blue collar workers on the shop floor. Illiterate, uneducated and unimportant leg workers. After all, if you don't have a degree, you can't read a spreadsheet...

Oooh, did I let a bit of my bitterness show? My annoyance at the unfounded impetus given to university students, most of whom would probably need to copy and paste some of my words into Google to understand what they mean..? Yeah, you've got a degree in advanced manicure giving from the university of nowhere. But you're still a dip shit.

But on the flip side, I know some bright people doing degrees at universities that get little or no recognition and it's so uncool. Though they get little sympathy from me, since even their "bad" institutions give them an immeasurable advantage over me. Which is lame.

But back to O2. I do like them. I think they're a good mobile provider, I think they are a smart company that has good products and really good customer services. Which is what's important to me.
Which is why, when I'm on my to/ home from work, I always come across this insanely annoying advert by Orange. I'll run through it with you:

Calling friends? Great.
Unlimited Calls? Great.
Any Questions?

Well... Actually, yeah. I have loads of questions. How many friends? What times can you make calls? Are your friends numbers only on orange? How much does it cost? What about when you're abroad? What about when they're abroad? What about voicemail charges?

Loads more but I'm tired.

I've been working with people who claim benefits a lot recently. It's been really interesting and has completely changed my view on what government spending should be for benefit seekers.

Again, too tired to really go into it in any detail at the moment but I'll say this much. Some people pay £1 a week on rent...

If you claim THAT much benefit, then it should be because you live in a way that £1 rent a week would be similarly pocket emptying to what a working person would find their rent to be.

By that. If I pay £500 a month on rent and that's a third of my monthly wage, then that 500 is going to impact how I live for the month.
If a person gets rent for a pound a month, comes by, gives me 50 quid and goes off without having to pay rent for a YEAR...

Wouldst that it were that easy though. They STILL have to complain about paying rent though. It's not enough that they pay less than... Well, very little.

Anyway, I'm out for now. Go play some Pro Evo.

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  1. I don't have Pro Evo so I thought I would comment anyhow.

    Two months from now you could have been finishing off the last of your degree exams...

    Then a few months later you will be told by prospective employers that you are too qualified so then you have to look into postgraduate study...