Saturday, 3 April 2010

Hello again!!

So! It's been a while right? I've noticed that my visitor count has slowly and steadily been decreasing as my own frequency to update this shizzle has dipped. BUT! Fear not! I have a FOUR Friggin day weekend this week so I can comfortably blag (intentionally misspelled) on about stuff.
So! Indeed, though now that I'm getting back into the swing of things, I'm finding it pretty hard to write anything!!! EEK!

Ah, ACTUALLY, I'll ADVISE you people on stuff.

FIRSTLY! PLEASE! If you think a new iPhone is coming out, GOOD! I don't agree with you, but fine. Whatever. BUT! Please be aware of what 3G means (what it's an acronym for) and what it ACTUALLY MEANS!!! 3RD Generation applies to a NETWORK coverage, NOT just the iPhone. You'll notice that the SECOND iPhone was called 3G NOT the third, which is the 3GS.

So third generation applies to the name of the type of network that the iPhone 3G was able to connect to, which enabled it to connect to higher speed internet. So 3G is actually something offered by mobile NETWORK providers such as O2, Orange etc. etc.

SO!!!!!! DEAR GOD! SO!!!! When if APPLE Release a NEW iPhone, save for it coinciding with the release of a BRAND new type of network infrastructure that all mobile networks would have to adopt/ or Apple intentionally misleading the market with a poorly chosen name (which, lets face it, given the recent arrival of the i-tampon MAY actually be possible...) it will NOT be called an iPhone 4G...

Unless it is. Come on, who knows. It's apple, they could call it Fucker if they wanted to.

Another piece (oops, i before e) of advice I'd offer you- always pay off your bank charges.... :/

I won't go into tooooo much detail. But trust me. Always. Pay. Them. Off....


I'm wearing my spiffy new cufflinks from Tatty Devine today for the first time. It's a really cool place to shop if you want to buy some jewelry as a present for someone. It's online. Do a google search if you must.

My sister. Hah! My sister, right, just bought a new car. Its sitting outside in the road, it's new car gleen slowly wearing away under the heavy pelting of rain it's been receiving (I before E UNLESS after C) these last few days...
A NEW car. I don't understand her need to get one form new. She say's it's because it offers her piece of mind and runs better.

But she bought a Skoda....

I don't understand it ALL makes no sense... My head spins when I try to think about it so I'll stop.

What's new with you people? I understand I've been silent for a few days but some of you haven't commented in WEEKS!!!!!!
Uff! Enough to drive me to contemplating stop writing on this thing only to realize I do it MORE for me than I do it for you! It's a compulsion! Oh NOOO!!!!

I'm hooked. Damn.

Maybe Admitting it is half the battle.

LOL! I'm listening to Justin Timberlake's: Like I love you.
Classic line in the backing:

"I just love your..... BRAINS!!!!"


Ah, the weather is so sporadic, it's gone from being a beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies to having just one massive chunk of cloud pissing it town and now it's sunny again. Bloody northerly winds.

Darn you Scandinavia and your ice cold touch!!

Now titchy strider is rapping about his last detention on the telly. No really, what life experiences can a 16 year old boy have that he raps about?

On the note of annoying rapers. Jay Sean.

I'm sorry but isn't he just the male equivalent of Cheryl Cole? I mean the music is THAT bad.
I'm listening to a song that could only really be called "Bring it back"? I mean that's the words that pop out the most. Oh and Sean Paul is saying that's what I heard a few times too. Why is HE dancing in the water? Usually it's the women that writhe around in there for our pleasure. Why's he getting all up in that asian girls space??

Ah, Jay Z. Let's listen to some of the good stuff..
I love this song with Alicia Keys.

Let that be all for now, I'm all blogged out. It's either (E before I What the heck!? And there wasn't even a C!!) because I'm up early after a late night or just not that into you anymore...

Go have some Lindt. Yummmm!!

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