Saturday, 7 November 2009

Bleurgh.. But... UBUNTU!!!!

It's strange that suddenly a new feature that has sprouted up from the belly of Blogger (the company whos features I use to create my blog) that is called FoxyTunes, which allows you to add which music track you are listening to with just the click of a button. odd though isn't it, that this feature pops up the very moment I decide it's a good idea to tell you guys what I listen to as I blog isn't it? I think it has something to do with the phenominal success of this WORLD famous blog! Looserballs.

Anyway, it's been a while since I last blogged, I've been SWAMPED with that lame DIY work with dad and just not had much to type about. ALL that has cahnged since I've started running Ubuntu on my old laptop!
So awesome is it that I thought I'd let you guys know that I'm switching to it for good. (On my crappy old laptop, only though). It's suddenly made my ordinary trackpad have some cool multi touch features: rather than clicking on the side bar to drag down a screen, you can simply slide down the trackpad with two fingers and it does it! As if by MAGIC! Just like a ... Humph... Mac..

Also, it's fast. Streamlined and also, it's FREEWARE! No corporate tie ins or anything. Just plain, simple OS. How does it feel to read a blog posted using Ubuntu? Is it crisper? Does it smell nicer? Yeah.

So.. who heard about Fort Hood, huh? Man that's messed up. I wonder what's happening with that? Huh? I'm not gonna say anymore until more news is released. but America seems to be popping up in the news every day for the last few days with regards to people getting shot. First Fort Hood, Texas. Then Some place in Florida yesterday, now again in Texas some british dude got shot down.

More close to home though, who's been keeping ontop of this propsal to reform Parliamentary expenses? No money on any surplus made through mortgage payments, no second homes for a bunch of MPs. No relatives being allowed to be employed by MPs... Well... That's SOME stuff huh? And listening to LBC (97.3 FM) this wasn't exactly making a lot of people happy. Strangely, loads of people called and wrote in to the radio show to defend the MPs!
What do YOU think?

Ah, my back hurts, I think I need to relax and focus on my blogging skills, this one was lacklustre. Toodle Loo.

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  1. Its not freeware. Its Open Source! Now you know why Open Source Matters!