Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Who gives a fu*# about an Oxford Comma?

Spoke to my brother today.
He read the last blog.
In the nicest way possible, he consoled me. Always there for me. Great pal, inspirational icon, just, all round, swell buddy...

Your bitch cheated on you? You make me sad!

Well, firstly, nothing in that note said anything to do with anyone cheating on anyone, but let's just thank him for adding that to my thoughts. Oh wait, he- YOU read this; thank you bro bro.

He goes on to say:

And why are you messing with girls again you BUM!

I tell him that I'm not anymore- I've been dumped, DUH! Didn't you READ the last post? Sheesh, and that in all fairness, they're messing with me, again, didn't ya read the last one!? Gah!

And before he punishes me by insulting me in the comments section, I love you and I've learnt my lesson. Totally off girls until it's time for me to settle down, own a farm, all that palaver.

I want to TYPE about something else now!

Let's talk about Israel going ahead with their plans to build 900 more homes on occupied land! Huh? That should get some of you more people talking, right? Terrible stuff, isn't it?

Okay, not much going on there, don't intend to turn this into a political thing but...

ISRAEL GET OUT! GET RIGHT OUT! Now! Stop taking stuff that isn't yours! Take yourself OUT! NOW! OI! ENOUGH! GET OUT!

AMERICA! GET OUT! Get the HELL out! OI! GET OUT! Stop going into places that you shouldn't be in!

CHINA! Get out of TIBET!

And MPs! Pay back your expenses! Stop Lying!

DAILY MIRROR! STOP SPREADING HATE! Stop Spreading your tendrils of antipathy and bigotry and concealed fascism throughout people who think 30p is a decent amount to spend on news. STOP IT! STOP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF MORONS!

o anyway, there's a post which actually has some sort of reason behind them, then there are those which just.. Meh.

The titles a song by the way, by Vampire Weekend.


  1. Mr. Fiesta-tastic26 November 2009 at 06:59

    The (fill in the blank) is back!!!

  2. post a longer note.. pleease

  3. Do you have a lot of people with bad eyesight reading your blog or something?

    Hey Usman, you remember the time you liked a girl but she had a boyfriend?
    No, not that time, the other, not that time either, the other one.....