Saturday, 31 October 2009

Eddie Izzard you TWIT!

I'm new on Twitter, I find it's really interesting and fun. If you're on Twitter, give me a shout, my (tag?) (name?) (username?) is UMirza1 .

Anyway, twitter has this tool called trendsmap, I suppose it's for the socially retarded who need a website to tell them what other people nearby are talking about. Whatever, I thought I'd give it a click to see what it's about- how it works, etc.

It just shows big boxes full of topics that people in and around your area are talking about. Look at the picture below. Also in this picture, note how the ONE person who uses Twitter North of Leeds in the UK is using it to give a shout to Eddie Izzard...

I'm not sure that that isn't Eddie Izzard himself...

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