Saturday, 31 October 2009

Who the Hell is C dot L?!

Before I go on, let me point your attention to the fact that I made a rhyme in the title. If you overlooked this, then go back, re-read and start from the beginning again.

Excellent work to those of you who got it on the first time. Maybe next time for those of you who had to re-read it.

Any of you STILL unable to see the rhyme... Just click on some of the adverts... I recommend the one titled "Easy ways to quit drinking" Serina. :P

So, onwards we go to make sense of the actual TITLE of the post. Anonymous posts on my blog make me curious as to who's behind them. Lovely as they are.

One of my readers signs her posts with C.L(I say HER because of the delicate way in which she speaks... What guy says "bless ya neice" aside from flowerkid {seriously people, he's a 20 year old dude} but he's a special case...).

And it's got me thinking about people who I know who's name begin with C and L.

Cydney comes to mind straight away. Is it you?? If it's not Cydney then I'm sorry, tell me who you are!!! If it IS Cydney, you should be impressed at how I guessed it was you first time. If it's NOT Cydney, I'm not being cocky about it being Cydney. If it is, I am.

While we're on this topic: Who is dillrooba? Sorry if I spelled that wrong, I don't have the word infront of me to refer to. I'm equally interested in who you are.

Halloween is happening. And I'm at home on a bloody blog. This is depressing.
What should I do?

I think I'll go and watch some old Halloween episodes of Blue Peter and learn how to make a scary costume with nothing but a sheet of card and some straw.



  1. Hey! that’s me =D
    Well, im not Cydney.. although, if i were, i probably wouldn’t be impressed u guessed me right 1st time, I’d probably be the only one with the initials C.L on ur msn/facebook/twitter/myspace whatever you use.
    Anyways if it’s okay with you, I’d like to keep my identity hidden :) it’s more fun that way. For me. muahahah =P
    If not, i guess I’ll stop commenting =(
    But u can’t stop me from reading... HA!
    I know, im a sad, sad, sad woman.. How many of them do you know?? =)
    Never the less, i made the title! Yay me :D (Well done on the rhyme) lol
    As for what to do, why don’t u go out? Not alone of course.. i heard its mad in Piccadilly circus right now, you should put on a white sheet, shave ur head, and go as Casper. =)

  2. I didn't make the title but I made it to the blog, yay! And on top of that, you said I was special, woohoo!

    Now I want to know who C.L is :S

  3. LOL at C.L trust me when i say he doesn't need to shave his head. lol

  4. Firstly to Taylor. MEAN! And we need to talk soon-ish!! =)

    Flowerkid- you are a 20 year old dude.
    And quite a large hairy one.
    I'm not gonna let that go.

    And C.L: I agree with Taylor, shaving my head off not a great idea.
    Also, yes Cydney MAY be the only person on my Facebook who's name begins with C.L but I only checked to see if there was anyone ELSE on Facebook who's initials were C.L because I thought of Cyd quite quickly!

    So yeah, Cyd, you should be impressed anyway.
    I don't know any sad sad sad women... :S

    Am tired with all this thinking.

  5. Hey! Who's hairy? I resent that.
    Let what go? What did I do?

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