Sunday, 25 October 2009

Malgan Sigumchi Kuk

Would you eat something called that?
Possibly. After finding out it's Korean for Clear spinach soup? Not so keen on it myself...

But the word has won my heart over, I'm saying it again and again. In a survey- I heard this from a Ricky Gervaise Podcast some years ago- to find Brittain's favorite word, serendipity came at the top. I have to agree with Mr. Gervaise that this is ridiculous. Who in Earth uses that word for more than the title of that ONE film? If I had to pick a word based on the frequency of it's use, my favourite would probably be... I? I think it might be the most frequent word in my blog.

But what? You want me to write about YOU and YOUR day?! Pah...

Right now I've got my iPod on shuffle and it's got me listening to Usher- Can U Handle it? Now typically this is where I'd make an excuse about how my sister took my iPod and put her music on it- don't deny that you've made something up along those lines- but I actually like listening to some of his stuff. Just not this one in particular. So I'll skip to the Postal Service- We Will Become Silhouettes. Ah, that's more like it.

Been doing more D.I.With.My.Dad today... That sounds a little-the meaning could be OBSCURED to mean something perverse... I'll simply stick to D.I.Y form now on...
But yeah, I've been doing that today, bit of a slacking day though, all we did was paint walls. Was good fun though and I started feeling comfortable climbing higher than the third step on the ladder to reach the higher parts of the walls.

UNsupervised! I know, cool right? The annoying thing though, was that dispite being as careful as I could be, I got white paint on suspect areas of my jogging bottoms. a little dab RIGHT on my thigh, perfectly positioned to accure the maximum ammount of coverage and vis a vis, humiliation. I carry on painting and get a great big dab spilled in a nearby region. Hey, look at the plus side, at least this makes it look like I'm shooting like a fire engine hose.

If anyone were to try insult me because of this white mess on my leg, they'd hesitate due to the sheer volume of my "Load".

So the Postal Service has got me talking dirty, let's see what Daft Punk's- Digital Love, has me saying...

A grainy film is on the telly. Attractive woman, man in suit, nice watch but back is to camera. Woman starts kissing man. Second attractive woman bursts into room... Ah James Bond.
My niece walks into the room...
Two women, one James Bond + one very curious and vocal two year old niece = one very dead uncle.

"Mummy, what do women and men do naked with a gun?"

Would not like to be in the room when that happens... I switch to any other channel. At which point my niece says - remember she's two- "614". Six one four, is the number of the television channel that Cebeebies is on. She loves Cebeebies.
On a seperate occasion, the kid says to my dad, "Nana Abu (grandad), cebeebies." To which my dad responds, I don't know what channel that is. She replies, "six one four". He types it in and nothing. (That's the number on Sky, my dad was was using Virgin Media...)

"It's not working" He said. To which Nusayba (my niece) ponders momentarily only to come back with: "Youtube?"

At two. And the other day, I left her alone with the lappytoppy, to see her navigating through the videos by herself! And each time she loads a new Charlie and Lola video, she exhales in a content "Ahhh", wriggles herself comfortable in her seat and goes into a trance.

Coldplay have had far too many turns on this shuffle, Let's give the Flobots a go- The Rythm Method (Move!)

Football is on at the moment. I don't follow footie that much. It's too long to sit through and there's too much faffing about in the middle of the pitch before theres an ALMOST goal. Then a few minutes for the goalie to pick up the ball. Kick it BACK in the middle, again with the faffing. Repeat for 90 minutes. A few goals if you're lucky. That said, international football is more interesting. More patriotism I guess. Especially since I support (Nationally) Manchester United, manchester being a city I haven't even been to yet. Not easy to build up a major ammount of support for them.

This with the patriotism and stuff, gets me thinking about America and why they call football Soccer. A quick google search (By the time I have typed "Why do ame" It's already second in the search prediction, obviously a much posted question) provides me with the answer. Or AN answer. Apparantly, the higher classes in Britain would call it soccer rather than football, though the dregs of society would refer to it as Football. I get bored of reading further but if you would like to learn about it, the link is:

So I take it our aristocrocy used to spell mum as mom?


But then our aristocrocy had porphyria and blue wee.


I'll leave it there for now- Superman 2 is on!

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  1. How do u pronounce Malgan Sigumchi Kuk?
    i miss painting :( feel like re-decorating now.. n don’t worry, i think I’m 'scared' of heights as well =(
    Bless ya niece