Friday, 23 October 2009

Welcome, one and all !!

Ramblings, musings, rants, opinions, one and all spewed over the interweb by yours truly in a fashion not dissimilar to that of an awkward teen on Youtube discussing why "Kimberly Ashton is like, such a bitch".

OK, perhaps not the greatest preliminary sentence in a blog ever but this is a work in progress. And I've just warmed to the idea of these things. Let me get "Ma thang on"- then I promise fireworks. I feel I should introduce myself. Is that what you generally do at this point? I'm getting quite hot and flustered. Eek.

But no, let's do this.
I'm Usman Mirza, 20 year old dude, Asian- as the name may suggest, though I was born and raised my whole life in Britain. At this moment I'm listening to Kasabian- Fire. Through only one headphone though, since I seem to have misplaced the rubber encasing of the left ear bud. Which Sucks.
Enough to get a mention on my first blog.
So on a more specific scale, I live in London. The East side of London, the more... Homey (for want of a better word) side, when contrasted with the cleaner, brighter, grander, more affluential West London. You've got South and North London but I've never paid much attention to them. :/

Some of you will have come to this site as a product of my incessant nagging. Haha, I kid. SOME?! At this point, I know all of you so the introduction earlier was completely arbitrary though I hope in the coming weeks, months (years?!) that'll change and someone other than my mum will be reading this and subsequently will kinda validate the introduction.

I've decided that listening to Kasabian was doing more harm than good to this post, (the prelude about getting junk in my system - Bad imagery.) so I've opted for Vampire Weekend now- Walcott.

Ah that interjection has left me in an awkward place now... Do I carry on introducing myself or move on to something more topical for the majority of you who already know me? Let's do a bit of both, I'll introduce something about myself that most of you won't know.

I just ate a pear.

OK, maybe something a little more relevant (though the pear has left my belly feeling a little odd- it was far too ripe) to the rest of you...

So... Obama is President huh? Cool. That is pretty cool..

OK, so we've discovered that I'm quite narcissistic. Though that is evident through my decision to write a blog isn't it?

Dudes and dudettes, I'm out since I gots stuff to do! However, be sure to check out the ensuing posts since they will be full of provocative immagery, mild humour and smaller words!



  1. ermmm... i also like eating pears?

  2. NOOOO!!! I wanted to get the first comment!!! ey 3 followers already!!!

  3. LOL, thanks peeps. Ah, Babs, always so encouraging, seriously, thanks for reading. And to you MISTER Taylor Mumfiz... It can only be said that your love for pears is disturbing and unearthly. But thank you also for commenting.

  4. OH i have freakishly small ear holes, so i don’t need the rubber tip on in-ear head phones, n they fit quite snugly =D yay me!

    Your gd at this, keep it up!

    p.s don’t 4gt ur promise to use smaller words!