Sunday, 25 October 2009

Word Up.

We've more than hit expectations with five followers in two days! Hurrah! Huzzah! Hurray!
With all the early adopters of the fireworks frenzy going all out with their poppers and sparkly whizzes or whatever the hell they've opted for, I'm slightly on edge with all the banging sounds I'm hearing tonight. It's lead me to veer away from the from of my house and put on my one working headphone and listen to some music. I have opted for... Kid Cudi - Make her say. Nice.

I'm really tired today since I've spent the whole day doing D.I.Y with my dad. I don't think he gets the concept of D.I.Y. Particularly the Y part. YOURSELF! not D.I.WithYour.Son...
Not hating though because it was actually quite fun after a while. Laid some flooring, put in some skirting boards, dealt with some tricky plumbing. It's taken a lot out of me- my eyes are drooping like the fanny of a granny.

Throughout the day I took regular breaks from handing my dad tools. My excuses varied from needing the loo to some slightly more imaginative ones such as: "the sawdust from the exhaust of your electric saw has lodged itself in my nostrils".
I would invariably end up at my laptop skimming through either Facebook or Twitter or this Blog or Youtube or MSN or The Guardian Website or some other website.

Throughout the day I came across some really funny stuff that I made a mental note to relay to you peeps. Firstly, a BBC correspondent spoke of Pakistan's military closing in on the home town of the leader of the Pakistani Taliban. The news reporter went on to say:

"Hakimullah Mehsud (the taliban leader) is responsible for committing several suicide attacks within the region..."

Err... Several... Suicide attacks?? That doesn't add up; surely after one you've kinda depleted your ability to strike again, what with all the suicide-ing...

It made me smile.

In a similarly humorous flurry of ill picked words-
While surfing through Youtube, I came across the most awesome video game trailer I've seen.

Left 4 Dead 2.

Looks good. The title of the video clip was "Leaked Left 4 Dead Trailer" and the video quality along with the length and publicity it has gathered led some skeptics to claim that it wasn't leaked but instead intentionally broadcast by the creators. Fair dinkum to them, but one guy decided to comment by saying:

Leaked my ass

not the best choice of words....

On one last note, if you like my stuff and you would like to support me, just spend a few moments going to some of my advertisers. They're automatically relevant through Google's magical powers of mind reading. Or something.


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  1. lol "D.I.WithYour.Son..." althou, didnt need the imagry of a granny's fanny!
    "........... handing my dad tools" loool you brought this on yourself!