Tuesday, 27 October 2009

One hundred visits!

Wohoo! Today, we hit past the one hundred visits mark! Admittedly, only 12 of them were probably from people other than myself, but I'm seriously impressed. This blogs only been up and running for... 4 days? That's quite something in my opinion. Thanks to those of you who have been reading, thanks for the comments, thank you all the people who've gone through the hassle of following me and also a thank you for the people supporting me by clicking on the adverts! You can also do Google searches at the bottom of the page peeps.

A really big Thank You to Umar, who has helped me through the whole process of making a blog, and actually convincing me that blogging was a good idea. Thank you very much.

You can visit his blog too, it's based on Football and has really good sports writing, details on football matches he's watched. It's a good read. the website is


Hope you enjoy.

Anything new happen today? Not really. I left a really, really special person waiting for TWO hours today. Over two hours. I got to meet her just as she was preparing to leave where she was waiting. Few. And even though she was mad, she STILL took the time to go over some maths work with me and eat into her OWN time. So I would like to take this opportunity to really, sincerely say that even though you were strongly considering walking out on me today, I STILL managed to charm my way into spending an afternoon in Trucadero with you!! HAHAHAHA!!! :P

And that I'm sorry.

Really, seriously sorry.

On channel Four last night, there was a really interesting program called Race and intelligence, Sciences Last Taboo, where a reporter was trying to look for evidence as to whether there was any truth behind the notion that some races are genetically intellectually superior to others.

This isn't the case. All that one crackpot theorist had to say was that Asian women tend to have larger pelvis bones, followed by White women and finally women who are Black have, on average smaller pelvis bones. He hypothesized that this was because black babies are born with smaller heads because they have smaller brains and thus are less intelligent.


But there were many theories and pieces of information put out in that show.
A guest on the show was James R. Flynn, who has theorized that there is a rise in the average IQ test scores over generations. Essentially stating that as years go by, people's IQ's are getting higher and higher. On carrying out studies, it appears that average IQ grows by around 3 points per decade.
This is true to the extent that, if the children of 1932 were to do an IQ test set in 1997, half of the children would be classified as being borderline mentally retarded.

The extent of growth has varied over years and also between countries. It seems that developed countries' rate of growth has slowed down. Where as developing countries rate has continued to grow.

Of course this is only a short scaled diagram. If it were applied over a longer period of time, it would subsequently imply that Aristotle had an IQ of -1000.

Enough of the lecture, watch TV or something, I suggest Channel 4's Race week thing. Every night at 10 I think? Perhaps. Today's episode is gruesome looking.



  1. TWO HOURS!!! dude thats just down right RUDE! person mustve been really cool. i mean to wait for you for TWO HOURS! wow.

  2. i read another review on race and intelligence that said iQ tests are mostly a test of how middle class you are and thus the white middle class seem to perform the best in them. Also the guy that invented iQ tests never meant for them to be a measure of intelligence, but simply a measure of how well kids were performing with regards to their curriculum. so it easy to understand why a schooling sysytem least like the collective devolped countries would produce the worst results.

    Oh and FYI I read all of you entries it wasnt just you lol!

  3. @ Taylor Mumfiz: The person just really, really likes me. =D

    @ Flowerkid (who btw, is a 20 year old guy....:|) Your name says it all...

    @ Dilruba: Thanks for reading the blog entries! :D
    Yeah, the TV Show - that which I can remember of it- was saying on many occasions that IQ tests aren't really an accurate measure of intellect especially seeing as how there are numerous factors to bear in mind (how artistic a person is, for instance). But I'm not sure I'd agree with the middle class thing though- I can understand how that would be the case in certain places...

  4. =O 2 hours! Ur a very lucky lad she waited!
    The theory of a 3 point increase per decade is interesting, but the trend probably wont last very long seeing how seriously the younger generations tend to take education.