Sunday, 21 March 2010

Food you like? Foodmelike !!!

This here is another iPhone post so forgive the briefness of it.

My brother visited the site today. Wasn't happy with the contents. Thus I shall swear less. Who gives a juck about swearing and phit anyway?? Bad words are for jucking bunts anyway. It's uncool and ultimately leaves you looking like a pritt... Stick.

On a completely unrelated matter, I got the idea to make a blog many, many months after my brother and to show him some love, I thought I'd ask some of you dudes to check out his blog? You can visit it at

I think. I'll double check that some time soon.

But a brief synopsis of the blog??

Use your imagination... It's a food blog.

Loads of recipies on it, lots of easy to follow instructions illustrated wonderfully with photos of his endeavours. I think there's even a mock instructional video featuring both my brother and sister. Worth a watch.

Tell me what happens in it please. :)

I kid! I've visited his blog loads. And it's actually really good. Puts this shambolic excuse for self gratification to shame... I think his spellings a little better than mine...

So that's

check it out, cook, eat, drink, be merry.

Honestly typing on this chitty piece of jucking dog furd is vloody bullwhit!!!

Go try for yourselves. And visit that blog. Night!


  1. OH!!! This is what you do to compensate... I see...

  2. Oh Uzzie if only it were your fowl language... But nice one for the shout out!
    xoxo (yea I just xoxo'd!)