Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Recent stuff what's happened.

  • Lord Ashcroft being a non domicile, huh? What do we all think about that?! And the fact that the conservatives have given him a peerage? The fact that he claims not to be living in Britain most of his life so he doesn't have to pay any British Tax. He can however donate enormous sums of money to the conservative party.

  • That dude who was released at the age of 18 for killing a kid and is now back in prison for breaking the terms of his release, what do we think about that huh?? And the fact that the details are being kept from the public? What do you say?? (His name's Jon Venables, by the way)

  • The Earthquake in Chile that has impacted the lives of people as far away as Australia and Japan- what do we say to that huh? Relatively high amount of shit storms happening all over the world, take the tropical storm in Spain, flooding in France, Earthquake in Haiti and Chili, resulting Tsunami in Hawaii. Is the world being punished or just petulant? Could the rise in recent natural disasters be man made? Think Global warming, sucking out fossil fuels among other things.

  • The Serbian dude that has been charged with the massacre and genocide of Bosnian people. Why is the trial going to take so long? What punishment should be handed out if he's found guilty? What do you know about the situation in that part of the world? What about the reception of this news in the Western media? His portrayal? The amount of coverage it's getting? What about the politics behind it? Serbian coalition with Russia, who knows a thing about that?!? Or the Russian military action against the Chechens? 
Loads of stuff in the News now days. Go read it. Or watch it. Or listen to it. Or just comment on this blog. Ciao.

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  1. Dear Looser Balls;

    Regular reader and regular commenter with a comment as usual...

    Who cares if Ashcroft got a peerage? Don't you think the peerage system in and of itself requires scrutiny first?

    The dude released at 18. I remember those days of forwarding those chain emails... Do you remember? Please tell me you remember. Anyway, Jon Venables is his name but he is known by a new alias now. The Government granted him anonymity. Him and his accomplice.

    Those natural disasters only serve to prove that we are nearing the end of times as earthquakes shall increase in number. On the bright side France is under going floods.

    Let's say this Slavic dude does get found guilty. Will he be alive by the time they do? What sentence is he looking at?

    Oh, I comment on political issues on a blog entitled "LooserBalls"