Saturday, 20 March 2010

God, I can't believe bt managed to screw up so badly again! One month without the net at home. This sucks.

I can at least surf at work right? Wrong. Work usage is monitored. Also sucks. so here I am, resorting to flipping iPhone Internet. Which is slow on 3g instead of wifi.

But work is good!! So that's a plus. And I have my maths lessons coming up which is worrying because I'm always shit-knackered after work.

I started at east ham. Which was strange since commuting meant going through green street and having to deal with all that rush and school kids and smells and lame memories of that crappy street and it's stupid sweet corn in a cup vendors. But the place itself was nice, if not a litle alien. Since then though, I've moved to canning town! Which is like a walk away from my old appartment!! In a month or two I'm gonna have to look into finding a place again. With a garage for my motorbike!!

Oh hell yeah am I getting one.

But perhaps I'll look into some sort o finance manager to prevent a relapse of my last moving out fiasco...

I'm geting sore thumbs with this tiny screen so I'm gonna leave it here!! It's nearly my bed time!! :-O

Go enjoy your days!! Live long and prosper but if you're gonna watch a nerdy sci fi movie, make it star wars and not star trek. Seriously people, standards!!

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