Tuesday, 9 March 2010

iPhone post.

Ah that I have stooped to writing this note out on an iPhone.
What's been happening? Still no internet.. Ok. What else is worth talking about?

Nothing really.

I was on a bus for way, wAy too long today. I had to find this new building I'm gonna be working at come Monday. The 58 bus. I got off too early so had to jump on a second one. The first one stank of piss so, so badly. I had to breath from my mouth but it was so bad I could almost taste it. The second bus stank of shit.

It made me ready to get driving lessons. It pushed ne that far. God.

Things only got worse. The 300 bus. Damn. That bus is the most annoying bus ever. It goes everywhere. Which might sound good but when you're on a cramped up, stinky, slow bus, you just want to get from a to b. This bus gets you from east ham to beckton to building 1000 to at regents street to plaistow to canning town.




Anyway typing on this thing is a bitch and I kinda need the loo. Go watch arrested develpment. It's fantastic. And tell me which broadband provider I should use. Am veering toward o2..

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