Friday, 8 January 2010

Adonis: Salt use will be reduced by 25%

Less salt will be used to grit our roads since our salt levels are being depleted. 25% less. This is what the ice has done to some people in the country.

Mr Fiesta Tastic!!!!
Posted the link for my blog on a website recently. Interestingly, this is how he sold it:

Sorry if this tortures you but here we have an critical analysis of the above lol:


Sorry if this tortures you!? SORRY- If-This-TORTURES-YOU?!?!

And to add injury to this outright insult....
He posted it on a forum where the majority of visitors are from The Arab peninsula. Suddenly I've got visitors from The Axis Of Evil!!!!! OOOOOoooOOOOOoooOOOOOooooo!

Now, if I say any of the words: BOMB, EXPLOSION, Infidel, Islam, Jihad, Suicide... Then I'm gonna be flagged by the authorities. (Google)

And you KNOW how much I love to use all of those words...


I'm joking, you fun loving Arabs, I don't think you're of the axis of Evil, I absolutely love you all. From the bottom of my heart, right up to the top. But Egypt, Stop those blockades on Palestine.

Go have some more fun now. I dunno, go play with a thermometer.


  1. Bruv! One of them "Arabs" took inspiration from your article. He (Scented Blood) says:


    You killed my plan!!

    I was looking for a good artical on the basics of Islam and then i was going to do what you did to the artical in the hope that this would appeal to non Muslims to read it.

    Still want to do it..."

    Bruv, you inspired someone!!!

  2. You said bruv soooo many times that I'm GENUINELY considering that you MAY be my brother.

    Which would mean these feelings I have are incestuous! You BASTARD! You ruined it ALL!!!!!