Saturday, 9 January 2010

Catch it, bin it, kill it, cook it, eat it

I feel a little bad, I just snapped at my dad quite naughtily..
He was surfing through BBC Iplayer on the telly and I was on the laptop with my headphones in. He started talking and it was barely audible over "Before I fall to pieces" by Razorlight, so I plucked a earphone out and asked him to repeat.
"What's this program about?"
"Kill it, cook it, eat it? It's a cooking program sort of..." I say, not focusing too much, still typing.
"Yeah but what's it about?"
"...Erm, they kill the animal themselves, then they cook it and eat it. Kill it, cook it, eat it..."

Look back at the monitor now, really wanting to get back into the swing of my typing...

"But what's it about? Do they do hunting?"
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"DAD! It's called Kill it, cook it, eat it!! I'm sure it has SOMETHING to do with slaughtering an animal, then preparing a dish with the meat and ultimately consuming the meal they have prepared!"


Yikes. Didn't mean to snap so quickly...

What's new?! I'm not in the full swing of blogging at the moment. Go get ready for Being Human tomorrow at 9.30pm on BBC3. Unless you're reading this on a different day from today where it's likely that Being Human has already aired. DON'T FRET! It's available for a week on iPlayer! Been longer than that? Then you are a waste.
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  1. I did, I did. Is it magical or something? And I used labels in my first few posts too.
    Do some push ups you willy.