Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Mad a gas car.

Gah! Madagascar was on today. Well it was on twice before today I only stumbled across it by chance while the family was watching telly and my niece pressed a button on the remote by accident. Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch the film because my mum was in a hurry to put back her... Asian telly. A program about some sort of match making on the phone with people asking questions like:

Are you a fat guy?
Are you poor?
What cast are you from? ....... :|
Do you want a village girl or a city girl? (SERIOUSLY!!)
Do you mind if she speaks the same language as you? .............. :|
How IMMEDIATELY do you want this to go down? .............. :|

I don't know why. Please, it confuses my brain.

So yeah, I missed Madagascar, BUT! It's on again on Wednesday. I've been told it's good and that I shouldn't watch it online so I'm holding back the urge to stream it. I've set a reminder for it on the telly just now. Should be all set to watch it.

Unless there's an Asian matchmaking (It's ACTUALLY called Matches with a symbol of matchsticks...) program on at the same time...

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