Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I've got to a point where I don't care what the title is any more...

I suppose I should begin writing this blog post...
Expect that tone of lethargy throughout...
Yes, with those ellipses throughout...

Maths was ayte... For those of you who aren't aware- YOU'RE NOT AWARE?!?!? HOW DARE YOU?! - Naw, I'm kidding, I started up a maths course at some place. Was alright but sooo simplistic, it's stuff I covered myself months ago. I dread to think where we'll get if we carry on at the pace we exhibited tonight. I'd imagine PERHAPS this group will garner SOME sort of understanding of what a fraction is towards the end of the course. Sad...

So I'm applying to transfer to another course. Which I HOPE they allow me to do. Otherwise, I may shoot myself...

Or just do the course, whatever...

I worked out like a BITCH last night. Until I collapsed under my own weight. It was wicked, although I did whimper out like a candle at the end. Not manfully collapse, more akin to fainting like a damsel in distress, I just folded into myself. And just lay there for a few minutes trying to lift my arms.

But boy, I reiterate, if you want to get into shape or just be less lazy- you should try this regime out. www.hundredpushups.com Really good.

What else? Until recently, I'd been using an FCUK shower I gel someone bought me a while back and I loved it, only it didn't really work for the hair, so I had to use whatever was lying around nearby. Which is fine. Though just the other week I came across this shampoo that one of my sister's must have bought. Aussie Aussome Volumizing Shampoo. Well, consider my predicament, balding dude, thin hair. Why not bolster what little hair you have to make up for the lack of hair..? And it seems to work, my hair feels more like a main. All wonderful, shiny, thick, wonderful. I even go so far as to style it now! Woohoo!

But here's the catch. Whenever I'm stood in the shower, head full of shampoo- I then come across a conundrum. My chest hair. When I wash this off, all this volumizing stuff's going to give my CHEST HAIR a woomph and make IT volumized too! This chest hair aint in ANY need of volume...

...So I carefully wash my hair leaning forward so as to minimize the splashing of shampoo on my chest. And arms.
And legs.

Ah, I've perked up now! This song is fun!

Yeah, play that! It reminds me of the dance sequence in 500 days of Summer, which is actually really good. In fact, it's so good, I'll embed it. You should watch it:

Come on, I'm sure we've all had days when you just feel like this. Aren't they great? Okay, minus the animated bird. But the street full of dancing people- Yeah! We've all experienced THAT feeling!! Absolutely fantastic, when it happens!

Ah man I miss Summer! I meant the Season...
Although semiotically, assuming I meant Summer to mean a person WOULD make sense too.

I lol'ed. I cackled! I literally cackled just now. The beginning of 500 days of Summer, you probably won't remember it if you watched it. I decided to re-watch it just now and as I pressed play, it begins with this:

The following is a work of fiction.
Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Reading that you think, wow, this writer is basing this on a real life story! LOL!

And then it goes on to say.

Especially you Jenny Beckman.

At which point you lol a bit more.


ROFLMAO!!! Ah, I wish I made this film!!
Ok, I'm gonna go watch this film, you've finished reading this so go read some poetry.


  1. + I just re-watched the WHOLE of 500 Days of Summer for the last line: I'm autumn.

  2. I need to watch that film!

  3. http://www.novamov.com/video/7gcspiyr4emvh

    you can, right there!

  4. sounds happy. ima wait till my exams are over on thursday and then watch it too :)