Thursday, 7 January 2010

I got LOVE for you, if you were born in the...

Okay, now I know I've gone on a bit about how crappy Facebook groups are and it may be getting a little boring now, but this one...

THIS one just made me laugh out loud. That's right, not even the abbreviated lol, but the full on laugh out loud..

Let me see if I can do it justice:

Born in the 9Os? Thats when the REAL legends were born!

... Good God, they're being serious.
No offense to people born in the nineties, hell I got into a relationship with someone born in the nineties and it was a bloody good one (I only JUST realized the 90's thing though...) and I mean, I'm only JUST teetering on the edge of being born in the nineties myself by 11 months but seriously!?

I love the sense of reflection and nostalgia the group name depicts. Way back in the nineties?
And legends?! LEGENDS?! You can't have developed a LEGEND in the 7 short years you've been developing testosterone for! WTF?!

This is just INSANE! And that kids would actually JOIN this group? Let me put it into context. The date today is 7/01/2010. Which means the OLDEST person who was born in the 90's would be 7 days into their 20th birthday...
All the rest would be upwards from 10. So if you have legendarily classed yourself in the SAME group as a 10 year old....
ALSO!! "REAL" Legends. LOL! Fuck Martin Luther King, Fuck Abraham Lincoln, Fuck Rosa Parks, Fuck Sir Bobby Charlton, Fuck Albert Einstein! What did THEY do?! Work to battle against racism, abolish slavery, make a stand against Racism, bring home the world cup or develop the theory of relativity, respectively!? HAH! I got G.C.S.E's and Facebook Mofo!

I genuinely fear that this group was developed by a pedophile.

Big love.


  1. Who is the legend then? Eric Cartmen?

  2. Eric Cartmen is indeed a legend. THE LEGEND!

    Respect ma hauthoriteeh!