Sunday, 10 January 2010

SRI SRI!!! SRI SRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OOHH! We're about to witness the first episode of the second series of Being Human! Woop Woop!
In the meantime, let's focus on what the parents are watching at the moment.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar vs. Dr. Zakir Naik.
Battling it out to demonstrate the similarities in Hinduism and Islam. I dunno what to say about it. It's interesting.

Let us not change others. Let us change ourselves. Says Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

But aren't you asking others to change when you ask them to change yourself??
Anyway, I don't want to get into that. It was interesting, you missed it. Oh well.

What else? Oh, I'm on Facebook and I notice a girl I know has joined a group called:

hello, im a boy. i tell you i like you, then mess you around, yay.

Looking for bitter, lonely women who are easy to manipulate? Look no further!!

I applied to work for Newham council like a century ago, before I even started this blog. I got told I got the job after an interview and a test and woop! But wait. I haven't even started yet...
Let me give you an idea of how long I've been waiting. This is a photo of me when I went in for an interview with them and next to it, a photo of me today. Notice how I've changed...

I've had a haircut since then too... Seriously lame.

Sunday Mirror Paper reporter dead. Seriously, I probably COULD care more for a reporter from a different newspaper. Sorry dude.

I'm bored now. That's all you get for now. Get prepped for take off, Being Human on at 9.30


  1. Oh my, the transformation!
    (refer to blog titled Adverts that suck pt.1 ( 15 November 2009))


  2. Who are ya!? And what's Opal telecommunications? Are they good?? Who are ya?! Who are ya?! Who are ya?!