Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A Blog post a day....

Keeps incessant boredom at bay... To some extent.
Yesterday saw an all time high of visitors to my blog. Thank you all very much. Did it have something to do with the fact that I posted THREE posts? Possibly. It's at this time of night I stay up wishing I could fall asleep but am just bombarded with thoughts of EVERYTHING. Random crap fills my head. I suppose it's just as well that the class I'm attending tomorrow is in the evening. Yeah, we'll see how that goes. I've got big plans, I just hope they pan out how I want them to.

I spoke about a website a few weeks back called www.hundredpushups.com where you can pick up a training regime to try and hit a hundred push ups in six weeks. Well, I've just completed week two and I can do a hell of a lot more press ups than I could- we're talking almost double. It's really impressive, you need an iota of will power and a couple free minutes every other day... Really good! I've been keeping on target so who knows? Four weeks from now I might be doing a hundred push ups!
I've read that once you go beyond doing twenty repetitions of an exercise, you're no longer working on muscular strength, rather you're building up your muscular endurance. Heavier weights are called for if you want to keep growing muscle mass... So I've looked into loads of different exercises. Unfortunately I've not got a home gym, or even an impressive set of dumbbells (an old pair from years back that weigh 5 KG each)... So I'm looking around the net for body weight exercises like push ups. I've come across planche push ups, which are apparently quite hard to do. They are. Essentially push ups without your feet touching the floor.


But I'm working on them too!! -D (drawing eyes is haraam, so I drew just the nose and mouth...)

What more is there to talk about? Nothing of interest, really. Go bathe; you STINK!


  1. You say you can do double. How much is exactly double?

  2. How was the maths lesson?

    ooh verry nice, i heard the ladies love a guy with a nice body -) <--- Thats a winking face!
    P <--- Thats me sticking my tongue out coz im cheeky, gay and i like men..

    ahh what the hell, its a bloody colon (an i dont mean the on attached to your anus), semicolon or equal sign! :@ (oooooh I DARED) lol

  3. :O You're gay AND you like men?! NEVER!! :P
    Would you look at that, I dared too...
    I appreciate you going along with the joke though.

    The lesson.. Ah, I got taught better the time I was two hours late to meet my friend in a library! Not that the lesson was BAD, just slow and full of slower people. And I think I signed on for a level too low for what I was hoping. Gonna see if I can move to another class!! Will post something about it in a bit!!

  4. told you your smart! or did i... :)