Saturday, 9 January 2010


I learned me some Algebra like!

I would JUST like to say a great big thank you to the people at the islamicawakwning forum for visiting this site and proving once again that it is the BEST ruddy site on the internet. Thank you for your visits and the kind kind words one of you said about it:

The analytical something post was hilarious!! lol

Thank you Fatima_Bintu_Islam your words of encouragement have led me to cry a little from my special spot.

Oh NO! Why did I have to go and say something as CRASS as that?! Gah! All respect has flown RIGHT out the window, my brother in law who visits this site is gonna leave me, I've lost the status as the BEST DARN BLOGGITTY in the WHOLE of a small part of East London! Oh NO!!

All for what?! A sexual innuendo? Was it worth it?! Was it WORTH IT!? No.
Will I go back and edit it? No. Because, as in life, you can't take back what you done, innit!? It's too late!

This is what my visitor map looks like now, it's FANTASTIC! LOOK!

All them red pins in the map are places what people have come from! Not locations of potential terrorist attacks you CrAzY people at google analytics! Just because I mentioned that Islamic awareness forum; you closed minded people will assume that there's some sort of terror organization brewing in the midst of all this sheer, naked, sexy creativity...

To hell with you, to hell with you all and your evil, derogatory, guilty until proven Caucasian ways. Infidels.

Ah! I'm at risk of being shut the hell down if I don't stop! Freedom Of Speech Ya Wankbanks! Oi Israel GET OUT! Get RIGHT out?!

No wait? What is Israel? It's not real, because there's Palestine, and then there's settlers all just jumping in and stealing land left right and center. Why validate what they've done by giving them a legitimate label as a state or anything.
Ah! I see what you've done with your name, it's an anagram of the words Is and REAL to lull us subconsciously into legitimizing your state when in fact you should be called IS-illegal! Is-committinghumanrightsatrocities! Is-BAD!
NO! You're just silly billies who have stolen land and have some money so no one will cause a fuss if you just STEAL land and bulldoze houses and terrorize innocent civilians in order to steal the land from under their feet and then KILL them so there's no one there left to defend the land that doesn't BELONG to YOU!! STOP Claiming to be democratic, peace loving people and pointing the finger of accusation on all the Arab countries that you and your corporate American big brother can't bribe or bully you DICKS! Stop killing innocent people by either force or by deprivation. Stop referring to it as a promised land, accusing Arabs of being backwards tribes who follow an ancient and archaic scripture when it pleases you and then turning around and saying the land USED to belong to your ancestors' a thousand+ years ago!! Stop using sarcasm as your ONLY sense of humor! Stop pretending that Zionism and Judaism are one and the same! A BAGEL!!!! A BAGEL IS A BURGER BUT WITH A BIT CUT OUT FROM THE MIDDLE! WHY CAN'T THERE BE A BAGEL WITHOUT A HOLE! WHY!?!


I don't know how we got here. All I know is I've just woken up in front of the computer with a pair of underwear on my head, writing scribbled all over my stomach in what appears to be bodily fluid of some sort, a strange foam oozing out of my mouth and all this stuff written on the screen...
Should I delete it and start over? Well, according to a sentence or two earlier in this very post:
No. Because, as in life, you can't take back what you done, innit!? It's too late!

Ah, stick a fork in me, I'm done. Go play something. Backgammon? Oh, and comment.


  1. oooo. love backgammon! =D

  2. What the HELL is wrong with you!? You CAN go back. This is the inter-webs. You were safe before you published the post!!!
    By the way, I have given up on the press-ups challenge.

  3. HAHAHAHA! Why!? How far did you get pansy? Ah I mean Mr Fiesta-Tastic....

  4. I got to 100 a day but in sets of 25.

  5. So? I can do sets of 25, the aim is to do 100 in one go...