Wednesday, 27 January 2010


So it's called the iPad.
That's what I've worked out so far.
this is going to be updated as and when I get info on it! So exciting!!!

9.7" Screen. Very large, you're looking at netbook sizes here.
Wide viewing angles and better colour accuracy, though will be interesting to see how it looks in sunlight.

New application called iBooks. Killing competition for ebook megapower Amazon? Possibly.
Fancy touches include the ability to change the font of the text you're reading.
A move unlike Apple, they've released their ebooks in a format that is interchangable with other ebook readers.

And here's something fantastic. There's a 3G Model. For those of you who like to browse online, on the go, you can just pop a sim card into it. It's not sim locked like the iPhone was. Have a current unlimited mobile contract? Pop that sim into the tray!

Here's the good stuff, the PRICE:
$499 for the 16GB Model
$599 for the 32GB Model
$699 for the 64GB Model

Far lower than anticipated by pundits.

Anyway, I've done my bit selling this speil for Apple, here's the video, enjoy: