Thursday, 17 December 2009

10 pages of C1 NAILED down, just 122 left...

I haven't checked the sites performance today, but I'm pretty sure it would look quite bleak. You people aren't spreading the word. A simple post on your Facebook, a random conversation with your mum, a chat with the neighbour, all GOOD, VALID ways to spread the word! How many people, Ballal Bia, have you told about my blog? That's right, NONE! Just tell one of the people at work!

I've been busy today, brushing up on some Maths work! For those of you who don't know, C1 is a maths book and I've done 10 pages of it. I taught myself how to.... Simplify expressions, Expand expressions, Factorise expressions, Factorise Quadratic expressions, Extend the rules of indices to all rational exponents (oooh!!) Manipulate surds! And boy did I manipulate them. Those surds, right, are SO manipulated, they're gonna go off and start a protest march in my name. Protesting against.. stuff. Like.. hard maths exams.

Anyway, I think it's quite a feat to teach yourself this stuff, I had someone try to teach me this very thing a little while ago, but it went in one ear and out the other...
So yeah... A couple years late, I know... :|

Here's something yeah.

How comes right, people show off about how much chilli they can eat yeah, and when you go to a place like Nando's with them, a place where, the spicy-ness of the food is shoved right into your face from the moment you step in, you're instantly greeted with their hierarchy of spice. Which, fair enough, most people stick to what they like, eat it, go about there business. But you get SOME people who say something along the lines of:

"OH!! You're ONLY eating Mild! Or Lemon and HERB! Or that MILD MANGO one! Oh MAN! That's SOOO LAME! It's so mild, I can't even TASTE that chicken man!"

Yeah, prats right? Because the way I see it, who's worse off, me or you when I can TASTE mild food? Don't have a go at me when your taste buds have doped up on the culinary equivalent of MDMA and rendered obsolete. Like floppy disks.

Sheeesh. But, Mm Nando's....

There WAS something else I wanted to talk about in this blog post, but I fear I'm running out of things to say, so I'll save it for the next one. Stretching them out, getting as much mileage out of this baby as I can...


  1. Let's aim for a little more substanc ein our comments? And in return I promise I'll aim for a little more substance in the posts.

  2. Mr. Fiesta-tastic18 December 2009 at 01:50

    C1!? I swear yo done that in tuition?

  3. #If you liked it you should have put a ring on it#

    and also,
    #Informer you know medsbsnrnesatntbsa blaaame, a licky boom boom, segramanaegeregarmanstan somewhere down the lane, a licky boom boom down#

  4. You LOGGED IN, just to write that rubbish?!

    And Mr. Fiesta, no I've never had tuition, I taught tuition, but that was English. I did drop out of AS Level maths a while back though, but that's because I bunked most lessons, so really, I haven't done most of this stuff... :S