Friday, 4 December 2009

What's that coming over the hill is it a....?

Quite randomly, I've taken up reading about demonology. It's weird and interesting... Let me introduce you to it.

One of the most popular books for demonology is called The lesser key of Solomon. It is based around the story of Solomon from the Judo-Christian parables. In very, very short, he built a temple by forcing demons to work for him. He did this by using a ring called the Seal of Solomon that the angel Michael gave him.

The magical symbol which was inscribed on the ring to give him power over the demons is now better known as the star of David.

According to this book, Solomon left inscriptions, details etc. on how to tame demons and get them to do stuff for you. Fun, fun fun!

Anyway, the whole book and many other books based around demons, is to do with the demons that built the temple of Solomon. This temple was made in Jerusalem and is STEEPED in loads of religious who-ha. The temple was made to house the arc of the covenant, a place for Jews to pray towards and its believed to have encompassed the area where the Al Aqsa Mosque is now. This mosque houses a stone that Jewish people call the foundation stone.

Loads of detail on the foundation stone- but essentially it's where adam was made, it's where he used to offer sacrifices and it's ALSO the foundation stone that their messiah will place when he comes down and makes a new temple after smiting all non believers.

These are accounts taken from various Jewish texts. Don't take my word for it, I'm not placing footnotes.

Christians believe this rock is also going to be used by the messiah but they think building the temple is a prerequisite for getting him here...

CrAzY Stuff all tying in randomly.

I'm wasting my life away.... :|


  1. Apparently King Sulaiman also had a magic carpet and Aladdin's magic carpet was based on his story.

    And also jinns were scared of him and that's why they worked for him. He would watch over them to keep them working and one day while he was leaning on his stick watching them he died. The jinns were too scared to stop working and carried on until ants ate through his stick and he fell over and they were sure he was dead.

    Im not sure though, correct me if im wrong. :)

  2. I would love a magic carpet.

  3. Yeah, his death was a lesson to them because they claimed to be all knowing, so even though he'd been dead for forty days, the still worked for him thinking he was watching over them, until he fell over at which point they realised they weren't omnipotent.

    It's really interesting to see how the three religions have different takes on him and his father.

  4. Mr. Fiesta-tastic4 December 2009 at 22:28

    You should post up a jinn story one day

  5. Like a story, story...?
    Once upon a time there was a jinn story?
    Or based on fact just talking about Jinns story? BE MORE CONSTRUCTIVE WITH YOUR FEEDBACK!!!!

  6. Lol they didnt realise they wern't omnipotent when they were slaving away like his bitches??!

    Yeah, I agree it's interesting to read all their accounts, but I like it coz I find when you collaborate you get a fuller picture.

  7. Mr. Fiesta-tastic5 December 2009 at 07:49

    I meant a story about someone that got possessed by a Jinn