Saturday, 26 December 2009

The effects of insomnia.................. {o__o}

It's hard to do really big things or stand up against something when you're alone. Whether it's an ideal or an agenda, a person or a nation. Against a whole world you seem irrelevant, insignificant and the task can seem tedious, impossible even. Though occasionally the small acts of one person can be enough to create a ripple effect and begin a landslide of some sort. So don't be disheartened, don't fret and don't ever feel insignificant; within each of us lies the key to our own potential and the only thing keeping you from opening that doorway to success is your own inhibition. Nothing else. Be proud if you stand alone. In minority find solidarity, in diversity find uniqueness, even in rejection find self worth.

In your own complacency, find the problem.

Take time to reflect on when you were last completely free in front of someone. Comfortable enough to be yourself, absolutely, unequivocally. Revel in the fact that you have found someone with whom you can confide in such a way. Yet ask yourself why you can't be like this in front of everyone else? What is it in us that makes us conform, makes us act in a particular way? Is it personal inhibitions or are we conditioned to act, live, love and interact in a particular way?

Is society composed of individuals or do individuals belong in a society?
Are we governed by a government or do they answer to us?

Are you particularly lazy/healthy/intelligent because of things that happened to you as a child? Were you given the good milk? Were you fed fruits? Was your fate determined by the social and environmental factors that beset your parents at the time of your youth? Are you as tall as you are because of the same thing? Are you stubborn because you've been put in a particular situation your whole life? Are you genetically inclined to be more susceptible to diabetes? Do you have a sweet tooth? Statistically, are you more or less likely than the average person to go to university? What is your take on corporal punishment? What music do you like?

Imagine all these factors, all your attributes and even, to some extent, your opinions could be predetermined based on social factors.

That would depend on who decides what the definition of things are, right? Who decides the difference between a short/mini and ordinary skirt. What's rock n roll and what's indie. What's cool and what's SO last week.
What's a war crime and what's promised land.
Is it a person that decides these things? A group of people? Is it democratically decided? I can't remember getting a vote on whether crocs are cool or not...
An eye in the sky, representing an Orwellian sense of nanny state observance brings about a sense of foreboding; yet when apathy controls the people invasion of privacy is just another way to gain 15 minutes of fame.

What is the status quo and who/what defines it? Is it a unifying ideal that leads us to solidarity and provides common aspirations or does it impose upon us a set of boundaries, subduing us to conforming and alienating those who are different?

Through subtle innuendo, insinuation and connotation we are led to believe things we aren't even aware consciously that we believe.
Coke Zero is more manly than diet Coke. It's black, after all...
Nike makes you run faster...
Science is FACT...
We can have reservations regarding things we know absolutely nothing about. Israel is? Palestine belongs to? Form views based on what other people's views are. We are fed out thoughts. And we regurgitate them as retarded opinions and assume they came from the depths of our own consciousness.

Imagine a brain as a sponge. It can absorb knowledge, take in and form memories, discern senses from optical to physical, translate waves to sounds, maintain a body that is capable of staying alive and conscious, coordinate between the hand and the eye, breath, taste and all the while allow you to update your facebook status.

Consider there are people who have studied solely how the brain works. How it collects information and how perhaps, the collective brains of a particular group of people may work. How they may, for instance have an opinion on the word "green" and mysteriously have an unknown consensus of what the word connotes? Who thought of nature or of something related to the environment? Who thought of weed???

Consider then, that a word such as different can be synonymous with unique though each word can connote something so unfamiliar to one another.

Or how the words retire and abandon can do the same thing.

What happens though, when even the meaning of the words are irrelevant.
What about the impact the SIZE of a word can have on the word itself? I'm sure I'm not the only person who's heard the expression "The quick sly fox..." Notice how the shorter, faster to say words actually give the message themselves?

Then what about when you say something without having to even say it?

I've only got one bag.
...You have to buy your girlfriend a new bag basically. Or two.

Well, it's getting late, I have work in the morning.
F$#K off now please. Nicely.

I don't have to tell you that I don't want brown people in my area.
There are already 17,000 Asians in the east of London and this figure is set to double by 2018.

Or similarly, I don't have to be outwardly racist to imply it.
A teacher agrees that a play about crime and it's recent impact on her locale is a relevant and close-to-home topic for her students' Christmas Play.

"The teacher, originally from Cambodia where Christmas consists of little more than a meal, if anything at all, outrageously imposed a foreign and ruthless play in replacement of the more festive and traditional Christmas nativity play."

Well... Harsh consonants: Culture CLASH. IslamiFICATion.

I prefer cultural evolution. Social integration. Broadening our horizons, reaching out to your neighbours. Learning something new.

Dunno why I wrote all that..

Oh yeah!

It's hard to do really big things or stand up against something when you're alone. Whether it's an ideal or an agenda, a person or a nation. Against a whole world you seem irrelevant, insignificant and the task can seem tedious, impossible even. WHICH IS WHY!!! I'm thinking of starting something called the one hundred push up challenge but it's probably going to become daunting and repetitive as time goes on. If anyone else wants to try and do a hundred push ups in 6 weeks, join in! I have actually tried this before but essentially stopped after a week because it got boring.
Which is why I think it would be more motivating to have someone else doing it! All the rest of this post was just a rambling preamble! Sorry, GAH!


  1. Mr. Fiesta-tastic26 December 2009 at 11:05

    Challenge accepted. 5/2/2010 marks a new era in history. Either:

    We both do 100 press-ups
    One of us does 100 press-ups
    One of us doesn't and cries wee-wee-wee all the way home...

    By the way is it Psychology that you will be studying? Or Philosophy? Or Sociology?

  2. Naw, it's maths!
    And bring it on! COME ON! Six weeks from today ok?! I'm not gonna say how few press ups I can do at the moment! =O