Friday, 18 December 2009

What's up doc?

I remember when I started this thing and I posted everytime we hit new viewing figures. That was crazy stuff. To be honest, I lost the capacity to gauge how many visitors I've had for a while now, after it exceeded 500 a few weeks back. I can see a day by day visitor count and I'm pleased to say this blog's easily surpassed a thousand views. So thank you all very much. I know there are some friends of friends who have become regulars here! Comment! Let me know you're here, give me a reason to carry on writing! Or is your cold steel like silence indicative of the fact that you wish for me to stop? Ah who am I kidding, I've got nothing better to do, I'd blog with or without your feedback. It IS appreciated though!

I've had visitors, like I said from all over the place, some from the States; You alright buddy? And from up and down the country. I know loads of people in universities all over the place though some people visit from places I can't even pronounce. Which is nice! Ba Right Ton? I think.. And Mostly in the capital, I get people going on their mobile phones, I get a certain someone visiting me from Kings college internet (love ya!) and some people who visit this blog possibly more than I do. Thanks!

I've been on a health thing these past few days, like I said in my post yesterday. Carrots instead of Snickers, Apples instead of burgers.

I... AM.... HUNGRY!!!!

But I'm feeelin' GOOOOOD!!!!

Not really, mostly I'm just feeling hungry. But I've taken a particular liking to carrots. The amount I eat might be harmful for me, since they're not as substantial as an actual bar of chocolate, I grab a handful and chow down. I think I'm going orange.

But on the topic of Carrots, I brought it up specifically actually, it's not like, oh I randomly spoke about carrots now I have something to say about them, no, I ACTUALLY wrote all those paragraphs about me being on a whole health thing to set up for this following thing, in fact, the WHOLE reason I even WROTE anything today was because while eating a carrot, I noticed something, which I'm about to mention, and thought, yeah... I could write a blog about that.

It's all in the planning.

Anyway, have you noticed that carrots have like a stalk of some sort in the middle of them? And with not too much precision, you can nibble around it and your left with this stalk which has sort of roots sticking out all around it? Not like, muddy roots, I know the image flashed into my mind as I wrote it, but like, veins, holding the carrot together.

Not like bloody veins... Gah! You morons!

But yeah, I did just that, I bit around the whole carrot and was left with this slim centre piece of carrot. Which for some reason seems to be sweeter than the rest of the carrot. Or maybe it's just a weird placebo like side effect of not eating junk food.


Yeah, the whole reason I wrote this blog can be summed up with Meh.

My dinner has been served now and I'm eating in to my eating time by staying here. Be GONE!

But comment =)


  1. Mr. Fiesta-tastic18 December 2009 at 22:52

    Didn't even review the food you're eating!

  2. OMG! i do that tooo :D like.. since primary school, but yeh, it is sweeter on the inside :)xxxx

  3. Mr. Fiesta- The food was good.

    Anonymous #1 : Grrr...

    Anonymous #2 (only if it's a different anonymous) : Yeah! It is!

    Anonymous #2 if you're the same as anonymous #1: Grrrr....
    Ah, I kid, I can't stay mad at you if you commented twice!