Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Damn evil commenters on this blog. I ask for comments and the few that I get are either lack lustre or so overly zealous in insulting me.... That I think I'm crying.

Anyway, what's new in the world? I was an inch away from writing a blog post at 3 in the morning today, I was readgin the Guardian Website and heard that China was going to give that British dude the death penalty for trying to smuggle Heroin or something out of it's border. Which would be honkey dorey if not for the fact that the guy was mentally ill at the time. Anyway I was inches away from writing about it when I read the time he was gonna be killed. It was 2pm GMT, which had already passed, so I felt strange writing about a guy who was in the process of or had recently been killed. I wouldn't know what tense to use. Just remember him I guess.


And let that be a lesson to the rest of you. Heroin=Lethal injection.

I applied to be a special constable the other day. Which was a long process. The form kept going bizarre online and told me things that I'd completed were incomplete. But I got around to completing it after like 4 hours of working on it. But in retrospect I remember that I checked bisexual under the sexual orientation option...


They can't exactly test me on that can they?

Out of the corner of my ear I can hear my dad talking to a guy about his pension on the phone. Which means I think he's planning, or at least considering, to take early retirement. Which is a shame, he only has a few years left on the clock before he gets the full shabbang.

Ah well, what you gonna do?

I think Google owns the world.
Or at least the majority of the land. And a large portion of the water too.
They certainly own the most important cyberspace in the world.

Oooh rumours of an iSlate coming out soon!? What do we think about that!?
If you ARE thinking about getting yourself an iPod touch you might want to wait until after Apples January conference, I know at least one person who IS considering getting an iPod touch SOLELY for watching films. If that is something you yourself like the idea of... HOLD ON!!!
The iSlate is fully rumour, there is actually NO solid evidence that it's coming out in January OR that it even exists in all honesty, but it's been revealed that apple bought the domain for www.islate.com which is interesting. The head of Time magazine also hinted at it in a press conference or something. So anyway, it's release is said to be eminent. BUT HANG ON! What is it!?!

Well again, fully speculation but essentially, it's a large tablet that is fully touch screen and is used to connect to the internet and watch movies. Consider it a cross between an iPod touch and a laptop. Publishers have been getting together and working on deals to benefit from the potential of a new market for emagazines. Essentially, eBooks but colourful. So you can download your favourite magazine straight to it when it comes out! Really big screen (rumours of a 10 inch model!? Or even a 6 inch one) means great for watching films, surfing the net and it just looks like fun! Too big for a pocket but small enough to fit in a bag. Ergonomics has never been too much of an issue for apple, I'm sure whatever they do it'll be successful. So maybe consider that before buying an iPod touch. I know I'm sitting on buying a new iPod because of this. My home button is royally F'd in the A. I have to press it hard against a table corner or the back of a pen for it to register.
Here are some of my favourite mock ups of how it might look:

Anyway! I think I'm done with this post...

.. Yepp, I'm done.


  1. i like readgin the gaurdian website too ;)
    The tablet sounds good, the slate seems too big n flashy... wouldnt want to be seen in east london with that.. unless your indoors.. and secure that is..

  2. I would! I'd just walk around with it and show off! T'would be fun though short lived.
    Though in all honesty, they'd probably poke at it with a stick not knowing what it is.
    "Err mate, your phones MASSIVE FAckkk owwfff!!!"