Saturday, 26 December 2009

India beat Pakistan, Bangaldesh and Sri Lanka...

HERE doth mark the first visitor from India.
Progress. And thank you dear person whoever you are. I love that you have visited the site. A little longer than 0 seconds maybe next time?
And I'm telling you, American's love that unknown blog website, I've had at least a dozen visits from the other side of the pond and they're all coming from
I just want to reiterate that the name of that website kinda makes me feel bad about my blog dudes. Let's make this a KNOWN blog.

Let me also say that the 100 push up thing is HARD!!
Well for me, I really have no qualms with admitting I'm not strong. It's not my forte. I don't wear it on my sleeve. In fact, my sleeves are always long mainly BECAUSE of the fact that I want to hide my skimpy arms. If there were a group of people and I had to bring something to the table so to speak, it wouldn't be brawn.

It would be dry humour. Wit.

Who wants biceps when you've got a smile? HUH!?

Well.. me obviously, I AM beginning this regime...

AND YES, before you overzealous readers go into semantics, I understand that push ups don't really exercise the biceps, they're aimed at the triceps and pectoral muscles... which are in fact, the triceps at least, antagonistic with the triceps so there is SOME good that will come to my biceps. I think...

Anyway! To summarise! Welcome INDIA! You have brought us exotic food, wildlife, culture, Sunrise radio! And we bring you a bloody good blog.

Fair trade.

Enough from me today, I'm about to go out.

COMMENT! ESPECIALLY YOU AMERICAN/INDIANS! Not.. I don't mean American Indians!!! I mean... Americans AND Indians...

But if there ARE Native Americans hanging about this blog... COMMENT! Tell us what it's like to be you!


  1. Mr. Fiesta-tastic27 December 2009 at 08:29

    The trick is to start off slowly like today I done 25 press-ups followed by 25 sit-ups and 25 squats.

    I shall do that 2 times tomorrow and then on Wednesday 3 times and then this time next week 4 times.

    Then I will wait a week then do it in two sets so that I do 50 of each and then 2 weeks after I shall do 100 of each easily.

  2. Hey, I came to your blog while searching for that unknown blog website. I too have a visit to my blog for that website. I was trying to know if I can resister my blog there or not. Wonder what you have done.

    Thanks in advanced.

  3. Hello stranger, no I haven't registered my blog there, I think it was randomly put up there for some reason. Who knows?!
    I wondered over to that site to see what's up and I tried to put my blog on their registry but I dunno what happened after that. No luck I guess.

    Who'd want to be put up on their lame site anyway, You can Google me! Woop woop!