Thursday, 17 December 2009

Now, what shall we call this one?

When we were younger, and I'm talking to the people who are aged around my age here, I know this blog attracts a plethora of visitors of all ages and.. yes... backgrounds, look at my one American visitor...

Ok, I've come to terms with the fact that American person probably typed in LOOSER BALLS because he was looking for a way to loosen his testicles. Why, I don't know...

So anyway, when we were younger, fasts used to be shorter. Much shorter, as in, run home on your way back from school to make it in time shorter. Where as now, since they're in summer, they are substantially longer. As in, don't run anywhere for anything lest you loose the little water left in you. But we weren't aware of how long these fasts could be, in fact, at that time, fasting when we fasted was quite a feat. Considerably difficult. And it's kinda cool that now, I know for myself, I can look back on the whole experience and think, yeah, those fasts were quite easy to do.

And in a sense it's cool because now, when winter comes and you might consider what it would be like fasting on a day like today, I know for myself, I didn't really eat anything until after sunset. Not anything substantial anyway.

Really useful way, in my opinion, to put things into perspective.

I think the date we start fasting goes forward by around ten days each year right? So if I started fasting ten years ago, I would have begun a hundred days earlier into the year!

I'm hungry, but I'm refraining from eating anything junky now. Only fruits. But I think I'm overdoing it with the fruits. I've had three carrots, two pears and an apple to compensate for the lack of...

Chocolate, crisps, burgers, chips, fizzy drinks, sweets, sour sweets, slightly less sour sweets, fried chicken, chicken wraps, pizza, spicy wings, milkshakes... etc. that are readily available just steps away from my house.

But now my mouth is watering. APPLE! APPLE! APPLE!!!! :O

Anyway, back when I used to write notes on Facebook, oh yeah, dude in America, add me, those notes are something. You think THESE are good? Whew, THOSE things were inSPIRED!

BACK ON TRACK! Gah! I need to stop being such a whore!

Back when I used to write things on Facebook, I spent a little while reviewing some stuff because, well I felt I was the authority on Everything. A part of me still does... So my reviews came and went but I still get a mate asking me to review a few things now and then. I reckon, I'll start with what is undoubtedly my favourite site on the net.

Really good stuff, simple layout, get's the job done.

You can also check out

Again, really good site. One of my favourites.

Umm.. Look up wikipedia on the first website I mentioned. That's a good site.

So yeah. Some good stuff is out there, all you have to do is keep an eye out for it, really...


  1. Mr. Fiesta-tastic18 December 2009 at 01:50

    MAN! Got my hopes up as well