Monday, 28 December 2009

I need some sleep

Let's say right, that you're heartbroken and you feel pretty low because the girl you're mad about has moved on to some other duche bag, who may, MAY not actually be a douche but in fact a perfectly nice human being...

Let's say that's the case right.. Don't whatever you do listen to this song.

Right, that song there, is likely to make you feel at least a little bit worse. I've been listening to it and somehow it's slowed my movements right down and minimized my social interaction to "Bumping into people". I've also somehow managed to lose the ability to smile.

So those contemplating suicide because of the aforementioned predicament, well, if you need that extra nudge, this'll do it for you. However, you are REALLY sad if you're contemplating suicide. Seriously. Live a little...

Anyway, enjoy that song for those of you just listening to a nice mellow tune.

What else is happening in the world now days? Not much.


I'll watch the news, be given an opinion and I'll spew it out to you guys tomorrow, how's that sound?

Until then, keep yourselves busy. Maybe buy me an iPod touch?

Go on...


  1. u knw wt ticks me off??
    People who take foreverrrrrr to get over sumone,guys n gals both. like SERIOUSLY get OVER them! stop feeling sorry for yourself coz it wont get u nowhere. goin onnn n onnn n onnn bout ur 'heart ache' aint gona make girls attracted to you. its only gona push them away, thats the LAST thing you want. OK if you really really REALLY hve to talk to sumone about it, talk to a close friend, HECk talk to a stranger, once, twice, but if you want us to continue reading this blog of yours without some serious annoyance then plz plz plzzzz i beg you stop reffering to past relationships.
    Im only begging u coz either (A) i read your blog n be happy bout what i read, or (B) i read your blog n get annoyed by what i read. I will read nevertheless, but i thought you being such a good natured kind hearted person would want your readers to be satisfied!
    I only say this coz i love you, i have your best interest at heart. Peace
    - The Guy next door.

  2. Firstly, the guy next door is a DRUNK! He can't write for SHIT!
    Secondly, how did you manage to write then, HUH!?
    Thirdly, thank you for being honest
    but FOURTHLY! Why be a cunt about it?! It's one thing to tel me honestly but to say it out in the open like that is a little embarressing for me... And IF you actually had my interests in mind you might want to just say it to me personally rather than rant on this thing...

    GAH! I don't know whether to be mad that you've embarressed me or happy that you commented!
    AND FIFTHLY You contradicted yourself saying you would read regardless of whether you like what you read or not and before that you say stop blogging about sad stuff if you want me to carry on reading!



    I didn't say I was suffering heartache, I said this was for OTHER people who MIGHT be. And just because I haven't blogged recently since I wrote this post and it's been up a few days.... :\ You COULD just say, hey, write something!

    That's it, this blog is going to be renamed into PASTRELATIONSHIPBALLS.BLOGSPOT.COM



    Plus, I can't take what you say seriously because your ISP is tiscally and anyone who'd opt for Tiscally out of any ISP is just...

    OI! I'm ANNOYED AT YOU! STILL!! And you didn't even say who you are which is just dick-ish.