Wednesday, 2 December 2009

There are some songs that rock. Then there are just plain simple awesome ones.

This is an awesome one:


So, what's new with you people? Maybe some interactivity should be introduced into this blog to make you feel more involved! Like more... ACTIVE members.
What should we do?

Don't want a woman, just to love her assets,
I still wife her up, even with her flat chest.

Ah kid Cudi, you make me all warm and tingly inside!

So, seriously, I'm wondering what to do to get people more involved in this whole blogging medium that is Looserballs...
What would you like to happen to this blog? In what direction should I take this blog?

Help because I'm getting a little frustrated with it!!


  1. you fustrate me ;)

  2. SeXuaL TENSION!!!! OOoooh YEAH!
    I won't comment on the poor spelling of frustration in case you take offence in that!!!!!
    Or in case you're my ex who exploded at me for commenting on her spelling once!
    Although given that she dumped me I think I can!!
    Why am I still harping on about my EXXX!!!
    I hope you're not a guy!

  3. For goodness sake, change the background, it so blergh.

  4. You commented on the spelling whilst 'not' commenting on the spelling. MEN.
    n no, not a guy.

  5. And not related to me right?!?! :O

  6. GOD no, i dont think i could handle that..

  7. OI! What does that mean?! Ya cow!

  8. URGH!i meant, being sexualy attracted to my cuzn / bro... blerghhh!
    but since you called me a cow..
    Hairy n bold at the same time... BLERGHHHH

  9. *EVILS*

    But since you're sexually attracted to me, that only says more about you than it does about me right? HAH!
    And cow is a term of endearment!

  10. yes.. im a freak 8-)
    mmmmm beeeeef