Saturday, 12 December 2009

British Nationalist Party?! More like Britain Needs Priorities!

OKAY, so... Here's a funny turn of events that happened recently.

A few days ago I went to a talk held by the MDI (Muslim debate initiative{?}), titled:

Islamification of Britain, Myth or Reality?

Instantly, the buzz words made me think, what will passers by think if they walk passed a headline like that? In particular the kind of passers by who would opt to read a newspaper like the Mirror. So no the brightest sheep in the shed...

But chances are, they, with their diminutive intellect and subsequent incapacity of reading between the lines would walk away from that thinking "Ugh, they took our jobs!"
What with their inability to interpret a headline.

Anyway, a debate sounds interesting so what they hey, I decide to pop in. And upon getting there, I am promptly stopped by some activists. The main guy approaches me and says:
"I don't suppose I could convince you to not go in, could I?"

Good, don't suppose that! Bloody hell, I just got here from the other side of London and you're telling me not to go in. That said, they did offer to strap me up with a sign post to advertise for them but there was a dispute on pay and I was feeling some sort of sexual tension arising from a dude nearby.

Not an atmosphere that is conducive to productivity in the workplace...

So in I go, meet my mate and sit down, a seat away from who may be the most STUNNING girl.


Well, I'm a little self concious to begin with but she's a fair distance from me and you know what? I'm looking quite HOT myself. So there.

Anyway the debate begins. And by random order, we begin with the BNP dude. I did a whole lot of reading on the BNP website before I went to the debate, should they have a questions segment in the debate. Which they did.

Just a few things I read while I was on the BNP website:

“For this is what mass immigration is,” Mr Kemp continued. “It is the ethnic dispossession of a people of their native lands through mass colonisation.”

Which it isn't. Seriously. Do a Google search for the definition of colonisation, it's got nothing to do with mass immigration. Go on, do a search, I'll wait for you...

You know what, I'll do the search for you...

"exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one; the use of the weaker country's resources to strengthen and enrich the stronger country"


"Colonialism is the building and maintaining of colonies in one territory by people from another territory."

Much like, oh I don't know... Britain did to... The world at large.

But that happened a long time ago and as the BNP so aptly said:

It was unfortunate then, but the people in such places must deal with the reality of the modern world.

But what really made me stop and think, wha...? was the line that came immediately after the BNP tried to describe colonisation as mass immigration.

“People ask what is the difference between immigration and colonisation? The difference is this: immigration is when you have a China Town in London and colonisation is when London becomes China Town.”

Ok, firstly let's gawk at the blatant racism there. Yepp. But let's not forget, one line EARLIER... They DESCRIBED colonisation AS immigration. Now they're differentiating it?

That contradiction good sir, is quite detrimental to the validity of the previous statement.

It makes you look a fool.

You fool.

And so it begins! Or should I say it had begun, and the BNP dude starts talking. Now the reason I don't like the way things went down was because the BNP got on a platform to discuss with a multi faith, multicultural platform and were in a position to look as though they are a forward thinking, open minded political party that believed in equality. So snapshots of this talk along with a headline along the lines of:

BNP in multi-race Debate!!

(obviously, I won't make it as a headline... maker...) But it COULD, when read by one of the aforementioned moronic mirror subscribers, put the BNP in a good light.

And with a subheading of:
Debating over the Islamification of Britain

There, my best attempt at a subheading!

But notice the focus of this debate goes on to MUSLIMS and how we're ISLAMIFYING (which isn't a real word, nor is Islamification) the UK with our cultural differences and our thick headed inability to adopt a different culture.

This isn't the case, I assure you. We are a loving people and enjoy X Factor just as much as you...

Ah Blighty..

Anyway, the BNP guy goes on to say Muzzzlims don't intergrate into society and we wear veils on our faces and we build minarets and loads of other stuff that's just not cool. But you won't have remembered most of the stuff he said because he was conveniently placed as the First speaker. So after all the speakers had had a go, then had a group discussion with one another and then had a short break, which totals to about TWO hours... Then do we, the audience have the opportunity to question this dude. And at THIS point, we're all at a loss as to what he said in the first place!

But really, he was as inept as he was ignorant. And he looked like an evil Nazi scientist you'd find in an old Indiana Jones movie. Which was confounded by the fact that he wore a white blazer not too dissimilar from a lab coat.

And then there were a whole bunch of people until we got the Christian liberal guy.
Oh this guy REALLY pushed my buttons. He made SO many snide comments and in written form they won't carry the tones that his words did. The way he'd say them. The small chuckle he'd add to the end of his descriptions of ethnic people who he just "LOVED to live around" that you'd ALMOST completely overlook if it didn't irk you just a little bit too much.
Or the fact that after saying he loves Islam, defending it in some ways, promoting it in others, he misguides you into thinking that he feels it's A OK! But then goes on to say something as outlandish as "Islam is a profoundly sexist religion". And you're lulled into a sense of security and trust with what this guy's been saying in defence of this religion that you find yourself nodding when he bad mouths it!

I'll give you some examples.

I live next to this couple, Muslim couple, our kids play together out front and we are as amicable as we can be to one another, we wave, they don't speak a word of English, you see...

And the neighbours on my other side, also Muslim, Afghanistani and we are friendly to one another too, again of course, they don't speak any English.

I can accept any part of Islam, I think it's a great faith, only I will not compromise on two things. You see, Islam is a profoundly sexist religion.

I disagree to the wearing of the Niqab by women, I can agree to all the other dress but I think that people need to show their faces, it's how you see their personalities. How you can build a relationship with a person.

And what was the other thing he disliked about Islam? Umm, it was... Ah, I forget to be perfectly honest with you but it was another ridiculous thing, I'll post it when I remember.

Anyway, the evening wasn't what I'd call a success. At one point, after the intermission, a dude came in from the English Defence League and said:

Peopow faut we was hool-ii-guns ryt, but like, were recrootin peepow from aw ova da place see? We've got blacks an braans and sum moozlims and seeks innit? So like, yeah, for you's lot who fawt you were safe, weeh stiw ere innit.

Something like that. It was all sounds to me. But his overall demeanour was very intimidating to the colourful aspects of my identity.

Anyway, there was this one guy who was a blatant BNP supporter who went up to ask a question with such vigour and poise that his face changed to this amazing shade of red, it was fantastic. It was SO vivid, I kinda had the urge to stand up and ask the BNP representative if people with that shade of skin colour would be accepted under the banner of the BNP.

But I didn't.
The rules of engagement prohibited it.

But yeah, the whole thing was kinda disastrous. The whole debate left an air of distastefulness and I got the feeling that though Islamaphobia wasn't really an issue to anyone bar the most bigoted people on this island, this debate had given it just a little bit more of a standing.


  1. Mr. Fiesta-tastic12 December 2009 at 22:36


    So how was the debate?

    By the way when are we gonna outright take over?

  2. Soon. I just need to decide on an appropriate outfit...

  3. loooooooooool 'colourful aspects of my identity'?!?! usman you literary genius I am once again impressed......brings me flashbacks of Question Time with Nick 'The Dick' Griffin LOL i hate politics and the implications but if it can made into something comical like this, by having each and every minor detail analysed in such depth and put into script like this then life's all good =) Taz x