Monday, 7 December 2009


I know it might seem like I have a sort of vendetta against that dude from yesterday's blog post, but I'd also like to point out that recently, he became a fan of...

Being hugged from behind.


Make your own mind up about him now.

I've been wearing annoyingly squeaky slippers today and every other step I take makes me look around for my cat. (The squeaks sound like my cat's meow...)

Just watched a funny episode of Jonathan Ross on iPlayer. Think I'm in love with iPlayer. And quite lovingly, Jonathan Ross has a picture of Russell Brand on his wall of fame thing.

I was a REALLY big fan of the Russell Bran radio show before Brand got kicked out of the BBC. I listen to his show weekly and that particular show didn't stand out as being any more offensive than any other of his shows. The main reason I hate the Mirror.

What else is there to talk about? Not much really.

Got some good surprisingly good feedback on my post about demons. A lot of you weirdos are interested in things like that. Maybe I'll come back to that one day.

I was on my way home from Aylesbury, visiting my sister at her new home, and looking at the star. The A41 isn't very well lit and the darkness coupled with the cloudless night meant the stars were shining incredibly brightly. There was one that shone out well brighter than the rest; got me doubting whether it was something in outer space or just a very very slow plane...

It might have been a satellite, the light was distorted around the edges so perhaps that was indicative of it's irregular shape and light reflecting off of it? Perhaps.
But anyway, while looking up, I was reminded of something I was told a long time ago. Common knowledge, I know but thought I'd mention it in the blog. Some of the stars in the sky don't exist any more. They are SO far away that the light that they emit to us has taken so long to travel to us that in that length of time, the star has in fact gone.

Does that make sense? Have I described it clearly enough? That's crazy though isn't it? Kinda makes ME think about how small we are in relation to the rest of the universe that something can be SO far away that even the speed of light can't reach us immediately and vis a vis fast enough to show us this star immediately.

Had this argument with someone where they were basically putting down people who have religious beliefs as fools who don't look at facts. The existence of God is based around man's fear of his own mortality and acts as a way for humans to comfort themselves. That religion is just a set of random "Truths" that exist until science proves it wrong.

I just had this huge bitch fit with two girls who tried insulting me and I've exhausted my... typing fuel on them so I don't feel like going on. Suffice to say that person who was insulting people with religious beliefs is a prick and I let him know this.



  1. Okay I DONT think religious people are fools, and people believe coz they're subconsciously scared and need to beleive that this isnt it..

    ..but I think that believing in religion; faith; is a physcological condition. Not a problem, just a state of mind.

    Religion is different to faith but that the routine that religion provides you IS comforting and a lot of people need that comfort, it makes people feel more secure and as an extension happier. But religion making us happy doesn't discredit it's authenticity, rather it validates it.. if that makes sense. Coz God gave us rules to follow that he knew would keep us happy in this world.

    What do you think? Do you think the person might be partially right?

  2. Btw I heard that about the stars, made me write a passage about it. I think it's sooo kool.

  3. Mr. Fiesta-tastic8 December 2009 at 21:39

    By the way, just cos you posted up 2 blog posts today doesn't mean you can have a break!