Sunday, 20 December 2009

The brother in law and I came up with a poetic response...

Prices were lower, quality was higher,
MFI's motto was quoted by a liar,
As the sweeds entered the competition,
Foreclosure was MFI's only decision.
Ikea's competition grew too hot for MFI,
Like Nazir's self worth; their assets had to liquefy.
In a sombre tone of resignation, declares it's under administration.
Their mission statement placed them in a bind,
As cash registers slowed down into a stagnant grind.
Unfortunately the low prices left profit margins minimal,
Thus their marketing campaign was left to be dismal.
With perhaps the most retarded poet in the East of London,
Who writes as though he's recovering from a bludgeon
As his inspired diction failed to draw in the crowds,
MFI were left to furnish castles in the clouds...
So in our closing lets clarify,
There is no more MFI,
We implore you to fight the urge to cry,
There are still numerous places where you can exercise your power to buy.
It's doors may be closed, though it's memory will remain,
Through the garbled, nonsensical ramblings of Nazir Ahmed's brain.


  1. This is not 'hehehehehehhe'

  2. that was brilliant