Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I haven't posted anything in a while.
Sorry, I did just turn 21, so I've been celebrating these past two days, milking all the freebies I can. Good times. So yeah, haven't had much time to just sit and write. And surprisingly, not much to type about has happened. I mean, my days have been eventful but I doubt you want me to go into detail as to what I did, that would make this blog and me quite egocentric... That is NOT what this blog is about. It's about you. You wonderful people, you. Which is why I write about stuff which you can relate to.

But back to me.

I've been on the end of many balding jokes these past two days. It's not cool man, I've only just turned 21 and already? I mean yeah, my hairlines been making it's way to the back of my head slowly (well, quicker than I'd like actually...) for the last 6 years. It's not there yet! I mean it's barely got off to a start! I've got an M shaped hairline. Like Vegita from Dragon Ball Z. Only I don't go blond if I scream loudly.
I've tried...

So anyway, I know I rant and rave about these crappy Facebook groups. I've found a good one. An actual, hand on heart, bearable Facebook Group which made me laugh when I read it because it's so true!

Saying "EA Sports it's in the game," along with the guy who says it.

So awesome. So, so awesome. I didn't join, the guy's culminated over 47,000 fans since December 30th. He doesn't need me to add to his Ego.

But what a clever group to make. Damn I hate that I didn't make it...

I was sleeping around a mates house last night. What a great evening we had. Actually, that's a lie- without going into too much detail (Mostly because I don't remember much of it) it' was a kinda crap evening...
Compounded by the fact the guys I went with called out my name, I didn't hear and only responded when I heard one of them say: Bald-man.


So anyway, It's late at night, like...4-5 when we get in, walking sideways, ears buzzing. This friend- let's call my friend... Kris. Kris has a messy bed. So Kris cleans the bed. I sleep. As I drift off, I think, I wonder what crazy stuff may or may not have happened in this bed I'm laying in. I think to myself- No, no, don't think. Don't think and everything will be fine, just go to sleep.

And I do. Cool.

I wake up, groggy as hell, get my clothes together to shower and as I pull the covers off from over me and as I do, this wrapper for a Durex play something or other flies out from under the covers.

Oh come on..........

I showered well.

Nah, but the hospitality I got was good.
Anyway, keep visiting the blog, comments please, let's get some more of you people talking, your blackberry has a keyboard on it for typing on. Those of you who visit on their BBs. Umm... iPhone? You probably shouldn't type too much on that lame screen, but do anyway.
And if you're on a computer with a full size keyboard, at home, at UEL, at Westminster University, using telewest, tiscalli, virgin media, BT, in fact- ANY isp, then you have NO excuse. COMMENTS!!!!! Sheesh...

I'm cold now and hungry, so I'm calling it a day here. Why don't you just click that comment button underneath, choose to not sign in, chose anonymous even, and then leave a message. Of love.
And then go eat some healthy food. Nuts are high in protein. Chow down.

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