Sunday, 7 February 2010


I had a dream I could buy my way to Heaven,
When I woke I spent that on a necklace.
I told God I'd be back in a second
Man, it's so hard not to act reckless.

-KanYe West, Can't tell me nothin'.
Proof to all you Apple haters that the product of a crappy company or individual can still be quite good.

I'M an Apple HATER! Oh what a crazy identity crisis I'm going through! Apple SUX! Maybe this iPad will be good, chances are it wont. But by GOD do I want one...

I'm actually listening to Fall Out Boy now. What silly little lads they are singing about all manner of sad things such as how... wait, I'll quote them:

Baby seasons change but people don't
and I'll always be waiting in the back room.
I'm bored, but overcompensate
With headlines and flash, flash, flash photography.

In the backing throughout the song there's one of these dudes singing: We don't fight fair.

Well, given that they LOOK like this:
It's probably for the best they don't fight fair...

Lest the fight be rather short.

But I like their music, it's uplifting. And energetic and reminds me of youth. Ah to be 21....

So, what's new? I just assembled ANOTHER thing. I swear, this house is like D.I.Y central, I come here and it seems like there's been a flat-pack purchase from IKEA almost every week. Sheesh...

What ELSE is new? Not much, I went on a road trip with my dad yesterday. Oh lord. I've told you my dad's pretty opinionated in a previous post. My road trip was to Birmingham. From London, that's roughly a 3 hour round trip.
It was actually quite enjoyable though we picked up a cousin of mine about an hour into the journey so that gave my dad a guy to... bounce ideas off of. Oh yeah, my cousins are all like 40-50. My dad's older brother and sister are WAY older than him so each of them had their kids while my dad was practically an adolescent. So I was relegated from sitting shotgun to being a backseat tag-along. Which wouldn't have been so bad except the only reason I came along was because I wanted to keep my dad company on the three hour road trip since no one else wanted to go.

Okay, fine also because I wanted to pay respect to the family of some relative who passed away recently, BUT actually, if I'm perfectly honest, that's not really true. I didn't even know who the guy was.


But I did pay respect. I sat quietly in a room full of old people, none of whom I'd ever met in my abSOLuteLY ridiculously over patterned socks with aliens and spaceships drawn all over them. Under a suit. Not a good idea. But in my defense, I hadn't planned to take my shoes off.
Damn. But yeah, I did my duty, sat there, avoided eye contact, explained to these random people that I wasn't at university, nodded in sheepish agreement when they told me university was the way to do things, put my hands together every time someone new dropped in and made dua for the dead uncle all over again, did one of those AWKWARD hug handshakes you do whenever someone comes in... God I hate them... listened in on all the jilted conversation that the "grown ups" tried to make to cover up the fact that none of them actually really knew each other...:
"So I remember Birmingham , all the roads have changed!"
"Oh that's right, the roads, they have changed, remember that one particular road?"
"Remember it? I practically LIVED on it!"
"Me too! What a great road that road was!"
"I concur! Ah what a wonderful world this used to be"
"Couldn't have said it better, the good old days- ahhh"
...and so on. Obviously, this was all in Urdu.

And we only stayed for like 45 minutes!! Three hours there, three hours back... Urgh. Not cool man. Not cool.

Oh and the car journey. Dad and cousin talk about how the social and economic climate in Pakistan may result in a X, Y and Z. The bits I didn't drown out by the sound of my iPod were mundane to say the least.

China will take over the world according to my dad. Britain's seen it's better days he says. We're doomed here in the West. I heard that for the last hour of my journey home.

My rant's over. Forgive me, fall out boy music does that to me.

Carrying on from the saying how much I love particular celebrities. Mila Kunis. Who is hot. You may remember her as the hot chick in that 70s show. Or the hot chick in forgetting sarah marshall who isn't Kristen Bell. Or the voice of Meg in Family Guy. She plays video games.

Yet another hot thing in a girl is her capacity to play video games. Totally hot.

Enough of this blog, I'm off to eat some meaty goodness. Go look up Mila Kunis on youtube and see her talk about Halo and Max Payne and world of warcraft.

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