Monday, 22 February 2010

Pretty Old Guys

One thing about your dad driving an old danky Nissan Micra is that sometimes things go wrong with old danky cars. And with my dad, he needs to fix all this stuff himself. Oh not ALONE. No, no, he needs me to hand him tools. Which, let me tell you, is possibly the most infuriatingly annoying job in the world. I can't offer assistance. Nope, it's always, no, I'll do this alone, or.. move out of the way of the light... Fantastic, LIGHT is more useful than me. One thing that could contend with having to hand dad his tools is having to find the god-damn tools from the shed/cellar. I've just come from one of my dad's exploits with the damn car and let me tell you, my fingers are STILL rigid. I'm finding it hell to type!!! And I've only got an hour to finish this note before I need to go attend a library poetry reading for my sister. Which, let me tell you, is a very amount of time to finish one of these note, especially since my mind tends to wonde.....

Where was I?

Oh, ok. Yeah! Working with my dad! One of the most satisfying things happened recently where we were fixing the wing mirror of our Astra (a car I'm slightly less ashamed of) and I was doing my customary, walking around in circles holding tools in my hand wondering, Why am I doing this? Could a car seat not do an equally efficient job of holding stuff..? And my dad's tool breaks. And get's stuck in the door. He's wondering what to do and I suggest, "Why don't you SLAM the door really hard so it comes out?"

He gives me the biggest WTF? look I've ever experienced in my life. I bow my head and continue to serve my purpose of holding tools. He walks into the house to look for a tool to take the piece out. And while he's gone...

I fix the whole damn wing mirror. The WHOLE damn thing.


My dad's pretty old now, he needs to pack all this working in and just chillax.
Unlike this dude I saw on youtube. There was this video of a black guy and a white guy, both quite old, though the white guy was noticeably older, having an argument on a bus. I could post the video but I wanna write it out.
Black Guy: Why a black man gotta spit shine yo shoes?
White Guy: You offered!
B G: I didn't offer you SHIT!
W G: What did you say when you walked past me?
BG: I said, why a muva-fukin n***** gotta spit shine yo shoes?!
W G: It don't need to be a black guy! It could be a China man, I aint prejudice!
B G: Get the fuck out my site man! Go to the front of the bus!

At which point, the white guy, still standing up for himself and not backing down gets up and walks to the front, in an attempt, it would seem, to avoid any conflict.

Anyway, now that I got my opportunity to type out what they said, I'll post the video, check what the verbal fisticuffs lead to...

I'll leave you to make your own mind up about what transpired.One thing was flipping amazing though right? One aspect of the film that just makes you drop your jaw and replay it again and again. I'm referring to that beautiful girl in the purple leggings and the big headphones of course. More girls need to wear big headphones and purple leggings.

Ah, I watched the last 3 episodes of being human that I missed on iPlayer yesterday. How awesome was it?! Very. 


This song by Jefferson Airplane was played in one of the episodes. Somebody to Love. I remember that song.Good stuff.

There are three other things on my mind right now that I'll write about in my next post but I'll make a note of here so as not to forget next time. They are:
  • Israeli Secret service that murdered the Hammas guy in Dubai.
  • The airstrike in Pakistan which left 30 people dead.
  • And the BBC death list which essentially boils down to our TV broadcast being interrupted in Prince Charles or Harry die but not if someone like Gordon Brown or Barrack Obama were to die.
Actually, I've more or less covered them here haven't I?
Go do whatever you do.


  1. HA! Got it wrong. Prince Harry got demoted.

    Here's another idea:

    You could work in the cockpit of Brawn GP or even McClaren F1!!! They pay a lot of money and its quite a glamorous job!

    Oh but I forgot you're gonna buy shares in those teams.

  2. No, I'm colour blind, but thanks for digging it in to the point where I feel like I need to carry a colour chart around with me everywhere I go.

    I can't be a pilot. They require like... Awesome colour vision for some reason.

    Not that there's such a thing as AWESOME colour vision. There's the capacity to see colour, then there are people like me who cannot. Well, I can... just not as well. Please don't start asking those annoying questions: What colour is this. What colour is this? What colour is this?

    I hate when people do that. It's like they're the very reason people were given middle fingers.

    Gotta love that Facebook group.

    LOVE it. Don't JOIN it.GAH!

  3. I've lost the will to comment.