Sunday, 21 February 2010

Oh Brother.

I'm doing the whole "Loads of space" thing again because I'm posting a video. But trust me, It's well worth it. 

Oh Brother, where art thou?

I re-watched that film last night. I'd seen it before but way back when I was in secondary school so I hardly understood what was going on at the time. It's a Really, really, really funny film, I'd recommend you watch it, George Clooney performs fantastically, as always. What's more, it's readily available to stream online so you criminals can access it easily. Notice how I exclude myself from that term, even though I did exactly the same thing. In fact, I'll give it to you. You can watch it... wait for it... RIGHT here.

Now I mean, how many blogs would do that for you? Scout the net for good movies and post them on the site. Oh GOD! I'm a facilitator!!!

Ah well, I'll live...
But I just realized that this could be something I do with the blog from now on. Once a week I'll post up a film I've enjoyed.

Is there any chance that you're reading this now? Or are you trapped into the movie? OR! Have you hit the Megavideo 72 minute cap? Ahhh, sux. Well, in the meantime, why don't you do some reading? Where are you? At the point where the two of the tumbled down a hill scuffling against one another? Yeah, classic part. Possibly the best part of the movie is coming up. Megavideo stopped for me there too yesterday. I streamed it from another video website but it seemed to take forever to load. HERE'S THE LINK IF YOU'D LIKE TO TRY YOUR LUCK. Perhaps my net was just sucky.. The film has a really good soundtrack too, don't you think? I downloaded that song: A man of constant sorrow. And that one that's about going down to the river to pray.

Ah good times.

What's new? Actually, my net's being choppy, I'll probably post something later. Enjoy the film dudes, let me know what you think!!

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